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  1. Yay, great stuff guys. I love reading these updates, thanks for keeping us in the loop.
  2. I'm having trouble giving the Nexamide to the guy. The option to give it pops up but when you hold down the button nothing happens and I definitely have Nexamide in my inventory.
  3. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who got plagued that way, Lol. Just can't resist looting dead bodies!
  4. They don't seem to be tranquilizing anyone when I use them either. A couple of times the person I hit just stopped and stared at me for a second but then they always attack.
  5. I also had to manually update WHF for Xbox. If you are still not getting prompted to download it maybe try that.
  6. Wow, Clue! I had forgotten all about this movie. Another great Tim Curry movie is Legend.
  7. Good catch! What was the first one? I love finding Easter Eggs.
  8. The Doll is hidden upstairs, you need to jump across the gap in the floor.
  9. I've noticed some paintings in certain houses that seem to depict the Pied Piper story. That's definitely an erie reoccurring theme. Hints maybe?
  10. One of the most sad/disturbing things I have noticed has to be the Wastrels who walk around saying things like "it's me Mommy I've come home ..."
  11. I think it's X to talk and Y to give an item just like the other NPC's. It could be a bug .
  12. I was able to find the house and get the cloth I need but the gate locked behind me when I left the first area (at the honey toll) so how are you supposed to take it back to the treehouse guy?
  13. I believe it has been confirmed now that the Day/Night cycles and the Hunger/Thirst rates will be addressed in the next update.
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