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  1. Hey guys! So I love the updates so far in clockwork - but something I had happen twice was a bad level spawn roll. I basically was stuck in the garden district as I ended up with the bridge that required a powercell and then the other bridge with the valve repair (which from what I've seen you can't get to the other side of the island via this bridge?) This was a bad level roll I had never had happen to me concerning the encounters on how to get from one island to the other via the bridges. It took a few "new Game" rolls for me to get a level build I could work with. I'm not sure how the RNG for the level generation functions but even with my numerous play throughs before the clockwork update I always had levels I could work with. This is the first time I ever felt really "stuck", also this is the first time I actually had crashing issues really that I couldn't explain or figure out was being caused by. So far though I love the new graphics for the houses as well as the behaviors of the AI NPC's. I've seen a few run backwards suddenly - I don't know if they are "tethered" to a path to walk and this had something to do with it. I did however enjoy finally being able to complete the Fareway quest and get out of Wellington. I look forward to the future updates and fine tuning
  2. So this play through I had a mood booth populate on the map and the thought occurred that if these always populated it would help navigating the streets easier. And it could be something that is augmented by the level of difficulty. So say easy means they is one on nearly every street, moderate one or two for the zone, hard mode means non given you should be prepared for getting through town.
  3. Unfortunately to shut down crazy legs - most items to incapacitate him will kill him. Though I havn't tried the catraps you can make yet. May be an option to try those.
  4. So I am assuming this is a bug as I didn't have this issue the last two play through's. I basically -have- to be on joy while in town. Even with having purchased the "spiffy suit" to help. Any time I am not on joy, they start after me. I've been attacked to the point of blackout three times now. And sometimes even taking the joy isn't enough - they seem extra hostile towards me.
  5. So I encountered this one just now - I was attempting to carry down one of the wastriels from the tower where the chef quest is. As I moved to jump down the rocks on one side. He vanished. Confused thinking I had dropped it I attempted to find him to at least search him to see what he had. Only to discover he had magically woken up and was now throwing rocks at me - had also alerted his partner who was patroling the steps up top still till that moment to come beat my head in.
  6. Honestly thats one I'm not sure about. I've seen what I think are new items appear out in the world at locations I thought I had cleared. But again its a "unsure" thing for me. Can anyone else give imput on this?
  7. In the cabinants? No but if you were picking petals or items off the bushes. I believe a days time in game is all it takes for them to respawn and you can harvest things again.
  8. Yep unfortunately because its alpha the only stuff kinda protected is the personal safe from what I've seen. Anything placed in the lockers or cabinets asides from the personal safe are at risk of loss right now. I had it happen on my third play through after exiting the night before with one full of petals for healing balm.
  9. I had a mission in Wellington (I think) where it was called Blood in the Streets where I used the spankers with reversed polarity to kill four of them. Got quite a few handy items - there billy clubs are nasty and easy swings also used smaller inventory slots. Also multiple bobby card keys which are required for a few recipes you can learn. The regular ones aren't so bad a little tougher then a wellie or a wastrial.
  10. I really hope the maintenance doors will help act as a fast travel system between safe houses.
  11. @lucigen That would be great - I think having something like that would help people figure out when a quest is actually bugged -thus help the developers figure out how to really fix it with the gamer being able to report more accurately how they found/encountered bugs- vs something not being clear to that player and them just needing help to figure out how to do the quest. Like I know I've seen people who are getting spawns of the Mystery House quest but the way the dialog goes it sounds like the house is in the same area as the NPC who gives it to you (which it could be) but both times its been available to me the Mystery House is on another island. accessible via the Honey toll bridge.
  12. Yeah I thought I had seen a few other posts talking about it not working and given the journal entry that starts if I figured it may be narritive related which they said we don't have access too right now.
  13. So I tried to do this quest, found the car and noticed the entry in my journal. Came back at midnight and popped a joy. She appeared - dialog queued up, but she did not move. She stood there. I thought maybe it was my positioning so I tried to walk down the street to trigger her - nope she stayed there. I tried walking up the street to see if maybe she triggered at Garden of Earthly delights (I've been trying to figure out why this was getting marked on my map as a point of interest as its generated every play through for me so far but nothing seems related to it quest wise) but nothing happened. Anyone got an idea of how this one is to play out or what I can do to finish this quest? Or is this a bugged one to write off for now?
  14. So I know this is Alpha and I love that you "discover" encounters. But I was wondering if anyone's made a mini guide to the known/accessible encounters and how to get through them? I know you guys want to hear when a quest chain is bugged but some of us are unsure when its bugged or when its functioning as intended.
  15. I had this problem the first time - walking out and then back in to his tree house helped. There seems to be some weird graphic bugs about bringing up the right commands to hand things to NPC's. Something I'm sure they are working on.
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