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  1. Babbleplay

    Joy Time

    Bottles of joy water on hand, or not… The joy depletes too damned quickly. Maybe they need to add in some plot explanation, or something, stating that Arthur's time spent clean meant The effect of joy will be lessened when he does take it, or something, but as things stand, these people could not function through their day, having to take another joy every minute and a half.
  2. Babbleplay

    Misadventures: How I died on day 3

    Here's hoping you got the plague in combat, or at least in a less suicidally stupid way than I did. Sadly, this is on YouTube… I was so excited to reach the other side of the bridge I did not stop and look around, and immediately ran up to search a corpse that was crumpled at the base of a pair of signs reading PLAGUE WARNING
  3. Babbleplay

    Suggestion: Hospital

    . Just what I need… A place that will probably be crawling with doctors.
  4. Apologies, i have not seen Faraday yet, and have no idea who or where he/she is. Just wandering the city, occasionally breaking into houses for food/water/stuff.
  5. Advice from someone a little more experienced would be very welcome.
  6. I have no idea why it repeated the same crap twice.
  7. I am a little stuck at the moment; I have been wandering around the city, breaking into houses and murdering the occupants, because they won't let me take their stuff. I have found a gate to go through, but the other side seems to be a dead-end swarming with Bobbies. I could just use some advice, as I've kind of hit a wall.
  8. Babbleplay

    No guns?

    As far as I am aware, Blackpowder is just for making canteen grenades.
  9. Babbleplay

    No guns?

    Also, this is England, not the United States. There is no and has never been the right to arm civilians. There are significantly fewer guns owned in Great Britain.
  10. Babbleplay

    Needs better map/navigation

    I think the simple addition of allowing the player to make map marks/notes would improve things immencely.
  11. I wish to clarify to say I did not disparage the current system, merely said it was the opposite of what I was used to. Also, I had had the bad luck up to that point to have only done quests that didn't give much in the way rewards. Since then, I have gotten a few blueprints from some of my deeds. I think it was just the luck of the draw of quests in the first part of the game in my earliest play through.
  12. I had the same thing happen, only after I died and started over, I was able to hoist her up and evict her from my new place. I don't mind roommates, but she was too quiet, and really smelly.
  13. Babbleplay

    Post your Let's Plays

    Well, since you were bold enough to go ahead and stick your neck out and show your creativeness, I suppose I can give it a shot. With the mention in advance that My goofy humor is a mixture of puns, snarking, responding to/arguing with things said in the game, and a heavy dose Of what ever pop-culture reference s The game sparks in my geek brain. May not matter to some, but I also make an effort not to curse, beyond ass or damn, but, It's not a kid safe thing; I don't care if the game I am playing curses, I just don't do it on my channel in my narration.
  14. I hate to be a complaining person, but I've got to agree. And when you are in dangerous happy people territory, Joy wears off alarmingly quickly. We need, especially In the first arriving in the new area, there needs to be more leeway.
  15. Babbleplay

    Cosplay Thread! Show off your Happy Face.~

    I would like to humbly request someone who has done the make up project, and knows their way with the process to maybe do a little how-to. One need only look to the old home Star Runner.com Halloween costume episodes, the fan costume episodes,, see how disastrous trying to paint your face white can end up when you don't know what you're doing.