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  1. Hey, I wanted to say congratulations to the developers of we happy few. I remember getting the early access way back of last year,but to see how much the game has grown since then is a great experience. When I first heard about this game, the story had peeked my interest since I'm a big fan of dystopian fiction such as Brave New World, 1984, We etc etc. A dark story, set in a dystopian world where broken people seeked to escape from the horrors of reality no matter the cost, a plastic facade that the citizens of Wellington Wells have built for themselves. But as of recently there has been a great controversy about Gearbox, and how tainted their reputation is. Even if people have a pessimistic view on this, I believe you guys are telling the truth when it comes to the creative control you have. I sincerely don't want the story to be phased simply because it's too dark, or whatever the case might be. The vision you guys had from the beginning, stick with it, because at the end of the day I believe that It's not about the paycheck but the message you seek to put out in the world. Don't let anyone taint that. But anyway, I hope you guys make a outstanding game with a outstanding dark deep meaningful story. Good luck with it all.
  2. Yeah you guys should definitely consider it. Not only would it add more to the story, the world, the characters, and blur the lines on who is right or wrong but make it all thought provoking and cause conflict within the player. The world is not black or white, but a shade of grey mixed in as well. If you make the Wellies have a voice in all this as well and make them seem more human and who have a very good reason for why they chose the path that they did; then you will have a very good compex narrative on your hands.
  3. Hello, before I get on with my suggestion I wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job, The story seems like it is going to be a delighful dark suprise. I'm really looking foward to it. I'm also looking foward to the game preview, can't wait for that. Now onto my suggestion. If I'm not mistaken I had read somewhere that Wellies mode was going to be added once the game reached completion. If so that is great, and it'll be very interesting to play as a Wellie. I had come up with a idea where this could be the perfect opportunity to give the Wellie point of view.Since we play as downers in the main story, and we get to see why they choose to remain downers and try to escape this nightmarish society. Now we can get the opposing perspective. We can play as a character who actually supports the way of life in Wellington Wells, but also has come to the conclusion that this is peace. A damaged character who had lived during the nazi occupation and seen the brutality of reality. And whatever this "Very Bad Thing" was, it left a very nasty scar within him so when joy had come to existence, he witnessed how this made people truly happy and had come to the conclusion that this is the true definition of peace. That joy is the key to make the world a better place and whoever should go against this philosophy would be branded downers and these downers would be forced to either take joy or get kicked out from their "paradise" From what I've seen so far, Wellies seem to be broken people who are trying to escape a past and it appears to me that they want everyone to be happy. The Wellies don't seem to be evil for the fun of it.It'd be really interesting to make them more human, and not one dimensional psychopaths in my opinion. That's why I think Wellie mode can be a very good outlet to flesh them out more and add more complexity.
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