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  1. Just so everyone is clear: Buying a game in Early Access means you will also get the full game for free!
  2. No. If food is rotten, cooking won't help^^ This is one of the characteristics of the garden district. The nicer parts of town (across the bridge) have better food.
  3. Really if a game feels fluent or not isn't even depending on very high frames, but especially on consistent frames. A constant fluctuation between 35 and 40 fps will feel less fluent than solid 30 fps.
  4. Well yes, according to an official statement by the devs, the game will be survival focused during EA, but will all the story elements will be added on full release. So while I don't think you'll get your joy party, I do think you'll get a much deeper moral aspect later on.
  5. Well, taking the joy there would mean forgetting about your past and going on with your life as you did before. It would completely miss the premise of the game which is: you are a downer.
  6. Well, you know you have been everywhere where the map is uncovered.
  7. In the villge (nicer part of town) there are lots of power cells.
  8. I feel almost bad for opening a thread for it, but I don't know how else to communicate with you devs so here it goes. You should call this sub-forum "alpha feedback" instead of "pre-alpha feedback" now
  9. Quite honestly, with the graphic card requirements you are almost excluding crappy apple cards anyways, aren't you?
  10. I believe on GOG you have to pull the updates yourself, while steam does it for you. I always found steam super convenient, but there are people who don't want a steam account for whatever reason, for example cause they think steam will monitor them.
  11. @Iris_Lockspur that is awesome^^
  12. Hm... the game isn't yet purchasable on steam, so I guess that steam hasn't yet distributed keys for WHF
  13. Yeah, in reality it is just impossible to determine what a smile is and what a frown. Is smiling just pulling up your mouth a tiny bit? Or showing teeth too? And does the wrinkling of the eyes count towards this muscle count? But whatever, smiling is more fun anyways (also makes for nicer wrinkles, later on in life)
  14. @Iris_Lockspur that is actually no fact. Just a common misinformation that people like to spread because it bears a nice message And it definitely takes more effort than having a plain expression
  15. Also, it was always my intent to have any HUD element be optional -- I implemented "Hidden / Timed / Visible" settings for basically everything now, including the status icons and the clock. Point by point: The initial intent was meant to only have icons show while they have a gameplay impact, but this impact starts at 70% for most needs, so icons show rather early on. This will be adjusted for needs, namely fatigue: Ok, nice to hear these things, should make the screen less clustered This was relaxed a bit -- the full exhaustion cycle remains 24 hours, but the first penalty won't kick in before 12 hours. (Down from 8.) There's still some adjustment to be done here, though, since reaching 0 has no penalty and I honestly feel like it's possible to just survive indefinitely without sleeping (half stamina isn't that onerous to contend with). Nice! Just like I would have done it. Perhaps make the vision blur or turn black for short bursts once you haven't slept for 40 hours, with a joy overdose-like knockout, when you hit 48 hours or so. It actually was never possible to see how close you are to an overdose! It was and still is a fuzzy/soft cap of short-term Joy intake that's meant to force the player to moderate their burst Joy consumption. That said, I think the mechanic isn't that fun right now and can't really be fully balanced until we implement the passage of time and degradation of the world, where losing time to an overdose would make it a much worse prospect. We'll likely be revisiting the mechanic significantly long term, but I'll see if I can make the feedback work better short term. What were the two colors on the bar all about then? Anyways, I understand that you don't want the player to know when the overdose hits. Which is exactly how it should be! Taking Joy is supposed to diffuse suspicion a bit, not be a magic silver bullet that makes Wellies permanently satisfied. Overdose, as mentioned above, is meant to prevent the player from taking quick bursts of Joy just to diffuse suspicion. If you still mess up despite being on Joy, then you're supposed to try other methods to conform. Agreed. Also intentional -- when things are going well, you should have less icons than when things are spiraling out of control. But as mentioned above, the thresholds could be adjusted -- I'll likely reduce it to 50% instead of 70%. Also, we reduced the overall rate of thirst and hunger by 25%, so it won't be showing back up quite as fast. I also intend to sort the need status icons manually, so that health is always first, then hunger, thirst, etc. followed by actual status effects like bleeding or food poisoning. This is where you are loosing me somewhat... I agree that there should be many circles when in a bad shape, but even when you're doing great, there are constant circles everywhere. I know they indicate some issue, but should we really get debuffs already, for having lost 30% of the hunger meter? Yes, if I let one meal out of my daily three, I'll not be feeling awesome, but I think in regards to gameplay, having those boundaries at 50% would be much better. TLDR; Thank you very much for the detailed response, I see you are taking our opinions into account. It seems like many issues will be addressed in the alpha release update, so I'm looking forward to that Hang in there!
  16. @ArtzDeeva yes, that seems to make sense... only misses stokes doesn't fit, I just realized... she lost her daughter, didn't she? In that case she must be one of the parents, not one of the children. God dammit this is difficult
  17. Tobexplain why I feel like the circle is worse than a bar: A circle has three "dimensions" or measurements which could potentially be portraying information: Remaining height, remaining Volume and remaining perimeter. Well, if you take 75% off the height off a circle, you will be at 25% from a height point. But you would only be at 23% from a Volume point, while in terms of perimeter you'd have 33% left. All those numbers are different, eventhough they all describe the section of the circle that id left. That makes it very difficult to determine how much health for example is left.
  18. @Sam Thanks for the response. My biggest gripe with the new hud is that it is on screen all the time, youhave to keep eating drinking and sleeping to have a "clean" screen. Furthermore, it seems to give less information, for following reasons: 1. It is not possible to tell anymore how high on joy you are, how close you are to an overdose. It just tells you how soon you'll be down again. 2. It seems much more difficult to visualize how much you need to eat or drink in order to fill up, without wasting resources. Food and drink items' effects are shown as stars, but like a horizontal bar which gives you a good impression of the percentage of your food-meter that will fill up by eating. BUT, the foodmeter itself doesn't give you a good sense of the percentage to which it is filled anymore. 3. Fatique is WAY too quick. I can go 12 hours on any given day without feeling tired at all, once you go 14-16 hours, should be where fatique starts, imo.
  19. Since the Wellys seem all very young, do you people think it is possible that THEY are indeed the children? That they left their parents behind to die in order to live a happy life? Would explain why the younger brother is a citizen, while the older brother is gone...
  20. I very much agree with the need icons, they are much more annoying on the screen than the bars were, while giving significantly less information. Devs, could we please go back to the bars?
  21. @marc how about a chance to get sick when lying under the bad, just like when eating bad food? After all, there could be dust and vermin under there, right?
  22. Amazing post, great points made. I agree that more forced interation with NPCs could increase the tension significantly. Ibarumarky, the doctor that will be in the game is going to seek out downers.
  23. Thanks for the answers guys! Man, I should have used the search function, huh? Ok, I'll head over to that thread now.
  24. Hello Dear Sirs and Madams, I recently realized, that your game could be somewhat "more british". By that I mean, try to avoid using american Vocabulary, like "sneakers". Perhaps you could have a look at that? Cheers!
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