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  1. Unfortunately I didn't start a new game after the update, just continued with the one I had from before update
  2. Hi, It'll be a bit easier to answer in point form: - My game was started from before the update (I didn't start any new ones after update) - For version: it says "Gameplay Alpha v28977" in the bottom right of the screen (I hope that's what you meant, let me know if it isn't ) - I tried doing the Developer "Ghost" option for the car. The prompt to harvest it didn't show up, so I ended up just ghosting through the bridge to get to Apple Holm (I'm on Xbox One) Thanks for the help and I'm loving this game !
  3. Hi Stephanie I discovered it after the most recent update (not sure if it was present before, I only tried doing this quest in last few days). Pipe wasn’t equipped when I tried earlier (i.e. it was sitting in my inventory). I just tried equipping it to see if maybe that would fix it, but now there’s no prompt to ‘give [him] the hammer pipe’ when I approach him.
  4. Hi, I'm playing on Xbox One and am experiencing freezing issues in the "I need a pipe" quest. Specifically, when I try to give NPC the hammer pipe I found (when I'm in the process of handing it to him)
  5. Hi, I'm on the part of the Faraday Workshop quest where she gives you a scavenger extractor and tells you to scavenge the cars parked around the town for mechanical parts. The issue I ran into is that one of the cars is embedded in a wall, so I can't scavenge it (and therefore finish this part of quest): Here is the area on the map I had where I encountered this car:
  6. @fromthewoods LOL, you know you've done something right when you're getting terrified looks from small children and adults alike ;D
  7. @Naila Thanks! I had one woman near the "Indie Games" section of MTL Comic Con complement the costume (I'm assuming she knew what I was, considering WHF is probably one of the more famous independent games coming out this year). I had another guy who didn't know what I was, but asked to take a photo anyway as he liked the costume
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