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  1. @Joes0s , your theory does sound plausible, considering that in Uncle Jack's version of "Red Riding Hood" the very German-accented wolf feeds Red her mother's flesh and blood. Although, in this case, why would Jack admit it publicly? I doubt that even on Joy Wellies would be big fans of cannibalism.
  2. A couple of days ago I saw a review of WHF on Youtube that claimed that originally it was supposed to be story-driven and linear, but somewhere along the line the devs changed it to plotless and procedurally generated. Minimal research - what's that?! So, how long 'till we have people not bothering to learn anything about the game, except its title, and then complaining that it's not a video game adaptation of "Henry V", as they've expected?
  3. Bought it the moment it became available, only then to realize I don't have enough RAM (even though I should have). Well, time to sulk, while I wait for my computer to get upgraded. Seriously though, congratulations! Can't appreciate the game in all it's glory yet, but based on the trailer, you did a fantastic job!
  4. Oh, okay then. I was under the impression that Arthur's not wearing a mask because of his picture in the inventory screen.
  5. As we all know, all Wellies wear a mask that somehow locks their facial muscles in a permanent wide grin. But why does nobody seem to mind the protagonist not wearing one? Are the devs planning to add a mask item that can be worn for additional conformity points? Or is wearing a mask, while heavily encouraged, isn't mandatory? Or as long as you're smiling, Wellies don't care if it's natural or mask-induced, so we're meant to assume that whenever Arthur walks past a Wellie, he simply puts on a forced smile?
  6. We now know that the Nazi Occupation Authority in place had orders to make sure that all children under 13 had to be "registered", and that this was before the Very Bad Thing occurred. I'd like to point out that, according to death screen, Arthur was born in 1934, i.e. he was 13 in 1947 when the order was issued. Would he be considered young enough to be registered, I wonder? Also, unless Percy is just freakishly tall, he's older than Arthur, therefore he probably wasn't taken away with other children (the audio flashback from E3 trailer seems to confirm that). And now, here's my theory about what happened to the children: Personally, I think Nazis were developing some sort of brainwashing technology for turning civilians on occupied territories into perfectly obedient war machines, so they rounded up the children in order to use them as lab rats (because a child's brain hasn't finished developing yet and therefore more susceptible to outside influence, or something). Having their children taken away was the last straw for the citizens of Wellington Wells, and they started a rebellion. The Nazis decided that that was a perfect opportunity to test the fresh batch of little soldiers of Wehrmacht in the field. And that's what The Very Bad Thing means - in order to drive out the invaders people had to kill their own children. Afterwards the Wellingtonians were naturally wracked by guilt, so, in order to forget what they've done, they had to resort to drugs, ironically, the same ones that were used in brainwashing their children. I know, this theory doesn't dwell into the debate if the Nazis really were gone after WW2 supposedly ended, or who's running the show in the UK, or if the rest of the country is also a combination of ruins and Orwellian drug paradises, or how our intrepid protagonists tie into all that etc., but frankly I don't have any coherent ideas on those points.
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