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  1. I'm playing on PC. 1) Walkabout (or whatever it's called; the one with the ghost) When I followed the ghost to the grave and dug it, I've got a book. I assume the quest was changed and now it gives you something other than a power cell, correct? The other thing is that the prompt "Dig it!" remained even after I dug out the book, and the game doesn't allow me dig there again so I assume it's a bug. 2) Biological Hazard I've never had this quest spawn in my world before so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. After I gave the guy the pill he asks me to clean up the pond. Sure enough! I've been nose-diving into the pond in search for dirty needles and whatnot countless times and I'm convinced I've picked up everything, but the quest doesn't move forward, and when I try to talk to the guy he ignores me. Is there an elusive piece of hazardous waste I'm not noticing? Now, I did pick up a couple of dirty bandages before I gave the guy the pill, because I didn't know they were a part of the quest. Could this be the reason this quest won't go any further? 3) First marriage Again, never encountered this quest before so I'm not sure if it worked as intended. After I gave the guy everything he needed he said something like "this box is the only one that isn't booby-trapped" while making vague hand gestures. So I went for the box he was facing. BOOM! Was I just not paying enough attention and he does clearly points at the safe box, or is the indication, which box won't blow up in your face, intentionally unclear? 4) Haute Cuisine The guy now doesn't want me to open his cage, he'll cook for me regardless. So, I guess, you've changed that. However one of his kidnappers still had the key to the cage on him, even though now it seems useless. Is this intentional? 5)Apple Tree A suggestion instead of a question, but maybe you could add a padlock to boxes surrounding the tree or make it require jimmy bar instead of lockpick because they don't look like they should be opened with a lockpick. Also, I don't remember, did these crates require a lockpick before Clockwork Update?
  2. Loving the changes to the Yam quest.
  3. Also had the game crash while drinking alcohol, albeit in different circumstances. I played on PC via Steam, but wasn't streaming it or anything. It crashed when I tried to drink one of the bottles of alcohol found in the crates near the apple tree straight from the crate, without putting it into my inventory first. And I also didn't manage to replicate that crash.
  4. That is called the bloody rock and it is apart of the biological hazard quest. After you finish it you will get a map to go to that rock and dig up "treasure" Thanks. Huh, I'm totally unfamiliar with this quest, never had it spawn in any of my previous playthroughs.
  5. Played a little bit. Love the new shelter, very atmospheric. (That jumpscare gave me a heart attack) Haven't encountered any bugs yet, thankfully. Although, there's a minor thing, I don't know if it's a bug or not, but I found a dig location map, the quest prompt appeared in my journal, but I can't find the location itself on my map. Also, I have a question. What the hell is this? Can you interact with it any way, or is it simply the case of "Hey, look, there's some messed up stuff!"
  6. Update: Praise the Yam! Its followers have returned after reloading the game. But the old bug of not being able to interact with the yam ad the book still remains. As for the other three quests, no amount of reloading, sleeping or leaving and re-entering the island helped.
  7. I seem to have angered The Holy Yam, because its followers refused to spawn as well. The yam itself and the book did spawn, although I can't interact with them. Forgot to mention before, but I'm playing on PC, v29962.
  8. I know from experience that if you walk by the OD'd wellie without helping him the first time, he'll disappear next time you come across that area. I've never been to that area before, so my issue is a bit different.
  9. ~*~ Wellington Welles Public Health Centre presents: "Don't Drink While on Duty" - a PSA. Starring Constable What'shisface~*~ Explanation: during a quest, where you have to investigate a corpse nest to motelene source, I dispatched of all of the bobbies by giving them alcohol. Everything went swimmingly; however one of the bobbies stumbled into the area full of toxic gas and continued pacing there until he died.
  10. I have an issue with some of the quest-related NPCs just plain not exiting. In addition to the couple from "Mushroom Log" not appearing at all, somebody else have already reported, I also have problems with "ODed Wellie" and "Lovebirds". In the former the titular Wellie is nowhere to be found, although there are medical supplies on the ground. At no point does the prompt to use crash syringe appear (by the way, I do have crash syringes in my inventory), suggesting that he's not just invisible for some reason. In the latter the guy isn't there. The girl plays her animation as she's supposed to, albeit next to an empty space, but I can't continue with the quest because there is no guy to talk to.
  11. As I said, there already are dark-skinned NPCs in the game - just walk around the village (or watch a walkthrough or look at screenshots if you don't have the game), you'll see them. On the contrary, I find the "it's not a 100% copy of real life, so everything is possible" excuse shallow, since it raises a whole new slew of arguments. First of all, it seems to equate non-white people with fantasy creatures, which is, IMO, rather iffy. Second - would the opposite be OK? Like, if somebody were to make a game set in Somalia, have magic exist in game's world and then make considerable amount of cast white, because if magic exists, why can't a sizeable white population of Somalia? Third - the question of race aside - this attitude throws worldbuilding down the drain. You could argue that our protagonist should be able to just blow up the entire population of Wellington Welles with his mind, hop on his trusty neon-pink manticore-dragon-pegasus-chupacabra and fly off to his space station to have a celebratory party with some Martian babes, since it would be as realistic as the extremely effective mind-altering drug.
  12. Regarding your first point - there already are skin colour variants in the game. As for why most people are white - well, most people in the UK are, aren't they? According to Wikipedia, nowadays about 12% of UK population is non-white, and back in the sixties it was closer to 4%. Besides, in the game's world German occupation of Britain was far more successful than in real life, and while the devs stated that the Germans in-game aren't Nazis, their attitude towards ethnic minorities still remains a mystery. As for your second point - the lack of kids is plot-related and will, most likely, be explained in the release version.
  13. I suppose that's one way to make sure nobody steals your sugar. The joys of ragdoll physics.
  14. Got a similar problem with Mushroom Log quest, only I can actually collect mushrooms.
  15. Regarding the Bobby quest, you need to kill him and the quest will end. Do you? For me the quest got marked as "completed" after I gave him alcohol. Although, granted, that was in the previous version of the game.
  16. I also completed the quest itself without any issues, it's just that the people in the area were a bit too aggressive. Well, I guess Wellies just don't like wingmanning.
  17. Yes, all the other areas in the village seem fine.
  18. @Stephanie - just went back to the park to finish the quest, and people there seemed way too paranoid. I started greeting everyone, and a) a woman started getting suspicious the moment I turned my back on her, b) a man got suspicious of me while I was greeting another man.
  19. In regards to the mushroom log, most often issues occur when saving/loading or switching between islands with this encounter - most likely this may be the case (if not, let me know) I definitely didn't leave the island during the encounter. Can't, for the life of me, remember if I reloaded the game, sorry. Is there any way to check it? As for the lovebirds issue, did you by chance use any polarity devices on traps or a crash syringe on a wellie in the village (or any other bomb that may cause wellies to attack each other) at some point? Nope. I did use a bomb at one point in the game - tear gas duck to be exact, but that was back in the Garden District (I used it on Bobbies guarding the apple tree), and that's it. In the village, as I said, I was a model citizen. Have no idea what might've agitated that woman. My guesses: either she didn't like that I was just staring into space (even though I was technically having a conversation with another person), or, as tec suggested, she was mad that I didn't greet any other NPCs in the area. Should also add, that it was a generic Wellie, and not an Old Lady, so it's not like she could sense my Joyless state.
  20. @tec - about "Lovebirds". Yeah, I was wearing Propper Suit, I didn't have my weapon drawn, I wasn't going cold turkey - basically I was a model citizen, I even took Joy halfway through conversation, when that background woman got too agitated. Didn't help - people still got angry. If it wasn't a bug and people got angry because I didn't speak to every single one of them, that's pretty counter-intuitive, IMO. "A guy went to have a friendly chat with another guy before greeting all the other people in the park? Oh crap, he's a downer! Get him!"
  21. 1) Where's the power? Quite a common one - can't talk to the guy after dispatching of his attackers. I can shove him or take him down (although I didn't do the latter), but that's it. Unlike with some other players, exiting and reentering the area, or going to sleep, or reloading the game didn't fix the issue. 2) Mushroom log I returned to eavesdrop on the couple on the second night, but there was a random Wastrel being suspicious of me (I believe he was one of the people that attack you after you chase the crazy rock-throwing preacher away, since I've completed that quest on my way to the log). I talked to the guy and he left, but I couldn't get any further in Mushroom Log quest after that: I sat in the bushes near the log all night, but the couple didn't talk, I even got desperate and tried to interact with them - nothing, I didn't even get any button prompts. They never showed up on any of the following nights. I got "return the following night" part of the quest checked out after randomly walking by the log some other night, but nothing else happened. And I can't interact with the log itself - it does get highlighted, but again, no button prompts. Did I mess it up by talking to that other Wastrel, or is the quest indeed bugged? 3) Lovebirds This one seems more like a quirk in AI behaviour than a full-blown bug, to be fair. While the guy was talking to me after the girl left, some random chick in the background started yelling that I'm off my Joy, so I quickly popped up a pill. It didn't help - all of the people in the park started attacking me, including the guy that was currently speaking to me! I know that Wellies get suspicious if you just stand around doing nothing, but maybe make that this rule doesn't apply to when you're standing around having a conversation?
  22. Ugh, dude, planking is, like, so five years ago!
  23. So, we should switch from preview branch on Steam, right?
  24. The devs did post this in one of the updates: More than half of the signs point to some sort of medical facility, so we'll probably get to explore a creepy abandoned hospital and/or a secret Nazi lab that would make Josef Mengele proud.
  25. While I do agree with many people here saying Uncle Jack is dead, I also think that it would be possible to meet him in the flesh. If I'm not mistaking, some other games did the mix of FMV and 3D for the same character, like "Alan Wake", where the bad guy(?) was a real actor in promos and cutscenes, and computer-generated model during gameplay. But then again, WHF is much more stylized than "Alan Wake", so I'm not sure how that'd work... Anyway, also I think that Uncle Jack isn't the Big Bad, but rather a talking head, with as much agency of his own, as a regular Wellie, being told what to say and how to act by the men behind the curtain, whoever they may be.
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