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  1. Jeez you guys have given me a lot of good stuff to think about, I am pretty well convinced that children = meat is indeed wrong. All the evidence pointed out to me plus just some more thinking means that would be a really illogical choice. I do like Iris's idea of "vacationers" becoming meat, can't wait to explore that co-workers office from the E3 demo a bit in the final game. It would be a nice dark joke if it was named V-meat for the "Vacationers" instead of Victory or somesuch. That Operation Pied Piper and Peter Crill were a good read. I feel like there are so many sources of inspiration for this game. I love reading into these past events trying to hopefully glean a clue or find a connection, even if it's one of my own imagination haha.
  2. @Iris_Lockspur Thanks, don't know how I missed that. I went back and listened closer, was that a train chugging away into the distance? I've only seen the first two bunker letters, trying to find good gameplay videos that take the time to examine the environment has been tough. Can't wait to get my hands on it though. Edit: Just saw you posted some, gonna check them out now!
  3. http://imgur.com/wC78mCU I think the devs gave us a big hint at E3 with the gameplay demos. We now know that the Nazi Occupation Authority in place had orders to make sure that all children under 13 had to be "registered", and that this was before the Very Bad Thing occurred. I have two theories, 1) This registration was a cover for the Wellingtonian government to commit the Very Bad Thing, which was to turn the country's children into a food source ( hence the current lack of children and the presence of Strange Meat). 2) The Wellingtonians made a deal with the Nazis, where the Nazis get to come and take Wellingtonian children to serve their purposes, and Wellington Wells gets left alone( but also cut off ) in exchange. Both are probably way off but I don't have access to the game and the 26th feels so far away
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