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  1. Hi guys! I know it's been a while. I can't wait until the new update comes out soon! As some of you know, I've got a giant theory board in my room where I've printed out important screenshots of articles, clippings, pictures, etc. in the game. These all hint at story/character elements that are slowly being weaved into the game while the full story isn't there yet. As I keep looking out for more articles and such, I've begun to run out of room on my board. And I know there are a few people in these forums as eager as I am to look for what bits of story there is in the game. So I've decided over the next couple of weeks or so, I'm going to assemble all the screenshots I've taken into a couple videos. I'm not only doing this to organize all the clippings, but also to share what I've found with you. I'll throw in my own thoughts and questions in captions throughout the videos. And I'll probably break each video into specific topics (i.e. the Very Bad Thing, Arthur Hastings Info, etc.). But yeah, that's what I'll be doing! They should be coming soon, and I'll be dropping them in this thread.
  2. @iateapenguin Yeah, there's no doubt in my mind now that she's Miss Thigh Highs. I can't play the game yet (don't have a powerful enough computer), but I've been scouring through gameplays, and she is indeed everywhere. Probably the two quests with the biggest point outs to her are the Mrs. Cheney quest (as you said a couple of comments ago), as well as the Nick Lightbearer/Church of Simon Says quest (his diary and lyrics mention her several times-seems like she may have been giving him experimental drugs). On top of it all, sometimes you can find a picture of Sally herself in a random Wellie's house! I'm really curious to know what Arthur thinks about her after coming across all these little mentions. And I know he hasn't said anything probably because the writers and developers are keeping him spoiler-free about both of his fellow Downers. But it's clear at the Walkabout Quest with his mum that he's trying to remember more about Sally as well as the past in general. Considering the close friendship they had (I hesitate to call it anything more without assuming too much), he'd definitely have some kind of reaction to the things she's been doing or the mentions of her name throughout Hamlyn Village.
  3. @kinseyblaine Any one of those theories you have about Uncle Jack could be right. I almost feel like the "genuine advocate of Joy" thing might actually make sense. And I agree, I think the doctors (as well as the government, as some wastrel's mutterings seem to imply) are the villains. If you pick up the Madame's diary in the House of Curious Behaviors, she has nothing good to say about Verloc. "That one hasn't got a scrap of guilt in him, as far as I can tell....and good thing he only wanted to receive, and not to give [punishment]. He'd shock someone to death without blinking, just for the sensation." Definitely got a psychopath on our hands. Another interesting thing she also mentions is that people incorrectly think Verloc was the one who invented Joy. She struggles to remember who did, saying, "It's the name of the lab, isn't it." That would be Haworth Labs, of course (it's the address that Verloc writes from to his patients), so it must be a Dr. Haworth. I'm guessing Haworth Labs is somewhere in the Parade District. I feel like something bad's going to happen there. At the very least, that could be where we confront Verloc in the finished game. [Fun fact: when you're in the House of Curious Behaviors, go behind the desk to look at the "Gold Members List". Verloc is on there (they say not to call him something, but I can't make out the name). But they don't allow admittance to Nick Lightbearer (suspended for cause) or Uncle Jack (very behind on dues). They do say Miss Boyle, our possible third Downer, is always welcome even though she's stopped paying her dues.] The train incident is really bugging me as well. What exactly happened? I've looked back to the Child Registration article several times for answers, but nothing quite makes sense. It registered all children who will be under the age of thirteen by July 22 1947 (the year they started taking Joy) had to be registered with the authority. I can't quite figure out what happened to the registered and unregistered children. Arthur wasn't quite yet thirteen (Aug. 12th), so he would've been registered. We don't know Percy's age, but it's assumed he's older than Arthur. But then if it's Arthur who stays in Wellington Wells and Percy who got sent off to, as Arthur says, either Germany or Russia, then I'm confused as to what happened to the registered children. Unless something even more horrible happened in the train incident that would explain everything.
  4. @SamNiet I feel like you're onto something with Uncle Jack. I think somehow, whether or not he's taking Joy, he's aware of the past and remembers everything. It would be interesting if he were immune to Joy (wonder if that's possible). He could be playing dumb (perhaps sneaking the past through inconspicuously through the fairy tales). I think even if he is taking Joy and he's still on the side of the Wellies that he's not the main villain, of course. The government is clearly behind this (the doctors are heavily involved as well-which is why I'm really curious about the mentions of Doctor Verloc and Haworth Labs throughout the letters).
  5. @SamNiet Yes, I agree she is a chemist! (went over a couple clues indicating this in one of the other theory threads) I'm really curious as to what she's doing though. She's clearly not working for the main chemist in the Village of Hamlyn anymore. Does she have some kind of agenda going on? Did she join a Resistance after going wakey-wakey? I know a lot of people, myself included, initially thought she was a spy, but even if she isn't, I still feel like she's probably up to some kind of sneaky business around Wellington Wells. I'm really curious about what Arthur's reaction will be like when he and Sally cross paths again in the main story. While he gives some details about their relationship, it still leaves me with plenty of questions. He talks about how he always wanted to escape Hamlyn Village, and the adventures he and Sally had together seem to have brought out the more daring side in Arthur - a side we're currently seeing as he struggles with surviving as a Downer. The fact that they both went Downer before (eating mushrooms under the tree in the Garden District) is very interesting.
  6. @kinseyblaine I've tried looking in the past too, I can't find anything. Either something was leaked and it got taken off, or the mention is very obscure. However, I did find a newspaper clipping that mentions her! It can be found when you're censoring articles in the offices during the prologue (although since everything is procedurally generated, you might not always come across it all the time-also there's a version of the same article with the name Sally Boyle, likely the prospective lady Downer, instead of Margaret, so I don't know which one has been scrapped). Here's the important bit: Margaret Worthing Will Open Battle of Flowers (Tuesday July 1946) Miss Margaret Worthing has been crowned the Junior Field Commander of the 1946 Battle of the Flowers, which takes place this Sunday. She will lead the annual Flower Parade, accompanied by her father, JACK WORTHING, former lead actor of the Will Kemp Traveling Players." Already that gives a lot to chew over. The year it happened is also very interesting. After listening to Arthur and the NPCs as well as reading the thoughts, the people started taking Joy only a year later (it was also a year later that the child registration act and "train incident" happened).
  7. @Dr0Shadow That's exactly what I've been saying! (although somebody said the damp journal actually belongs to an old coworker of Arthur's, because the lady mentions "V" (Victoria Byng, who as the writer describes wore a riding outfit). I think the journal might actually be Prudence's.
  8. @gnostalgia I thought the same thing about the Executive Letter, but it's actually just referring to Faraday (it mentions giving her a couple of bachelors around, referring to Roger and James). I'd also argue that Arthur is more based on conformity, just based on his personality. The suits and his thoughts (which you can read in the journal section) are a big indicator to this. @kinseyblaine Not that I know of, however, @secretextract has started a theory thread on the three main downers (and I've put up one for Miss Thigh Highs). I can't help but wonder if Uncle Jack is dead either. I don't know why, but I feel like he either is or he will be. As to whether or not he's taking Joy, that's a good question. Even if he is, he clearly knows more about the past than anyone else in the game so far. My own theory to throw in here (which I've stated in secretextract's and my threads) is that Miss Thigh Highs is one of Arthur's friends from the past, Sally. If you read the journals, thoughts, etc. he talks quite a bit about her. Like how she wasn't like other girls, got the two of them into crazy adventures, and made up stories about the two of them being spies (like the old TV show The Avengers). Based on the journal entries for the Mrs. Chaney and Nick Lightbearer quests, Sally seems to be a clever, smart-dressing chemist who can concoct all kinds of drugs. I don't know what the extent of her relationship with Arthur was, but it seems like they were pretty close before, as Arthur says, they left things off on a bad note.
  9. @Aegishlash1479 Ah, okay - then that must mean that the damp diary could belong to Prudence, because she went off her joy and she was a coworker of Arthur's.
  10. Thanks! Like you said, glad I'm not the only one trying to piece together Miss Thigh High's character. In fact, I have a new idea about who she might be! I've been combing through more We Happy Few gameplays for clues (and to see the Nick Lightbearer/Church of Simon Says quest, since that seems so wacky-which it is, lol). And I came across some interesting things (keep in mind, this works very well if Arthur's friend Sally is Miss Thigh Highs). When Compulsion Games teased us with the magazine cover with Nick's face all over it, I saw an article title along the lines of "Mystery Girl - Who's Nick Singing About in His New Song?". You can find out when you pick up Nick's lyrics and diary. He has a song called "Special Sally" - could that be Arthur's Sally?? Also, she might be a possible link between Nick's past and Mrs. Chaney, the murderous woman experimenting with drugs. She writes in her diary how Sally always made it easy to whip up some new chemical creations (also describes her as dressing impeccably - just like the impeccably dressed lady downer in the concept art). Nick's song "Special Sally" talks about how she "brings him candy", and in his diary (more like his drug-testing notebook), he talks about how "she's a f***ing genius" (Mrs. Chaney makes a similar remark in her diary). He also mentions her suddenly not stopping by anymore to bring him more drugs. With all these clues, I'm pretty convinced that not only is Sally Miss Thigh Highs, but she's also a chemist. She may or may not also be a spy, but at the very least, she could be a chemist who's rebelling against the system, possibly through meddling with people's prescriptions. (Also in one of the safe houses, you can find a damp diary written by a woman who talks about going Downer while still showing up for work and faking happiness. She talks about searching for a "Resistance" a love interest of hers went on about. She also talks about how she doesn't miss anyone else, "certainly not that awful Arthur, always making googly eyes at me." Don't know if this might be Sally's)
  11. Hi! First off, just wanted to say those pics with Miss Thigh High's names were from my giant theory board (with character personality and Verloc ties extensions)-I'm okay with you using them though (probably should just make a thread with pictures to share for everyone else) But OH MY GOD! That screenshot you took made me so happy! Did you find the photo in a random house, or did you find it in Nick Lightbearer's place? Because if it was in his place, then I called it! I actually have a little bit of a theory on who Miss Thigh Highs is. My theory is based on the article clippings from my theory board, and the clippings in particular are from Arthur's thoughts (anything underlined with pink is possibly related to Miss Thigh Highs). Here it is if you want to take a look: https://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/38442/theory-about-miss-thigh-highs
  12. @lisa Haha, thanks! It's so much to have, and now that the Maidenholm update is running, I can't wait to find new thoughts, articles, and diaries. Very interested in learning who this new character is!
  13. Hey! I thought I'd add on to some of the points you and the others have made. Since I can't play the game yet (need to get a gaming laptop), I instead spend a lot of time watching We Happy Few gameplays, and I spend even more time analyzing the lore and Arthur's thoughts, which can be found in the journal section. Listening to him when he loots bodies he's beaten up, he often shows remorse for his actions, but if you read his thoughts you'll get a lot more of an understanding. He does realize that lots of the things he's doing are bad. But because of the world and circumstances he's living in, he has no other choice. If he doesn't loot, he will starve and thirst. If he doesn't knock out, and in some cases kill, fellow wastrels, Wellies, and bobbies, he will die. So he's quite aware of the consequences. Although sometimes repeatedly doing things like looting and attacking do affect his thoughts in a not so positive way. For example, he talks about finding a good size rock to throw at bobbies and for a fleeting moment thinks, "That actually sounds fun...is that too awful?" When looting Mrs. Marley (the woman who fell off the roof with the safe), he thinks, "Poor woman! I wonder if she's got anything useful on her. Oh my Lord, I've become a ghoul." Personally, I think he's perfectly capable of going either raving mad or somehow staying the "straight man in a world gone mad". He could stay trapped in the insanity like poor Sam Lowry in Brazil, or he could grow strong and escape Wellington Wells, possibly coming out of it a hero. The horrors will probably linger with him for as long as he lives. But with the kind of man he is and his journalism background, his intelligence and reasoning do seem to give him better odds at coming out of this relatively intact. And he clearly does have heart...when he doesn't have to be a "ghoul". Unless the developers do add some kind of moral component to the game (like in Bioshock), I think it's up the the writers as to what direction Arthur goes in the game. They know his story, after all.
  14. Hey, it's me again! And I'm back with another crazy theory-as if my first one wasn't crazy enough (if you haven't read: https://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/38442/theory-about-miss-thigh-highs ) So, I've got a big board on my wall in my room full of all the newspaper clippings, letters, journals, and Arthur thoughts that I've taken screenshots of from various gameplays. At one point, I took a screenshot of one of the walls in the puppet theatre. There are many paintings in there, but the two I captured were these: a painting obviously of the Pied Piper, and a painting of a woman with a child in her arms, running across a courtyard looking over at a figure in the distance. For the longest time, I didn't even have the faintest idea of what the painting of the woman and child could be from. It was clear by all the other paintings in the house that they were all illustrating fairy tales. It was only until tonight when I was looking at my clippings and I looked at the painting once more that I got an idea... ...is the painting a scene from Rumpelstiltskin? Even as I was pulling up the Wiki page to reread the basic summary of the story, things started clicking for me. The girl makes a deal with the imp-like being to get out of her predicament only for him to come back for her child. Wellington Wells did something to get the Germans out of their country, only to have their children taken away from them. Sound familiar? Then I noticed another detail in the story-Rumpelstiltskin asked specifically for her first born child. I looked back at my clippings and saw the article about General Byng clarifying a child registration procedure. It said that all children who would be under the age of thirteen by July 20th in 1947 had to be registered. That might not necessarily be a "first born" deal like with Rumpelstiltskin, but it's pretty close. And if Percy is older than Arthur, that would explain why Percy went but Arthur didn't (just barely-he would turn thirteen August 12th, the next month). I don't know...this theory is kind of all over the place, and I could just be grasping at straws. But I feel like of all the things in the game so far that give big indicators to the Very Bad Things, it's Uncle Jack's bedtime stories and the paintings in the puppet theatre. The Pied Piper painting and story are clear signs to the Very Bad Thing. If the other painting is in fact a scene from Rumpelstiltskin, it would be a huge hint about the goings on with the Very Bad Thing. And if Uncle Jack actually reads the Rumpelstiltskin story....well then if that's not the hugest hint at what really happened, then I don't know what is. What do you think? I could be very wrong and have gone stark, raving bonkers again. Have any of you ever taken a closer look at the paintings in the puppet theatre? Let me know!
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