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  1. Can we revive this thread? Need wallpaperssss
  2. Game of the show last year, hoping for some release date / Mac announcement this year...
  3. Hello Naila, I'm started to get confused by what seems to be conflicting statements from the WHF team. On the Steam forums another developer said that the Mac version won't even be started to work on until after the PC/Xbox version has been released. (Q: Will there be a Mac version?) Captain Scarlett [developer] Jun 22 @ 3:53am Yes it will be, but we will begin working on it after the final release of the game. But you say that it only won't be available for early access (though there's a possibility). So which is it? Day and date release, or months after original release?
  4. Random question: Are tech specs usually equivalent between PC/Mac? The score the graphics card you listed is higher than the score of the highest end iMac's graphics card... /woe is my little Macbook Air.
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