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  1. Added another update. Fingers crossed!
  2. No probs. Well i'll wait until tomorrow then let you know if I dont here anything., Thanks.
  3. Thanks @Pierre I followed up yesterday but still no reply. Should I do it again?
  4. tec

    Game Should Not Have Released

    I respectfully disagree. If you had followed the development of this game you would know how much work as has gone in to WHF and how much the devs care. Yes there is an argument that perhaps it should not have been released in its current state but to vilify the team in that way is just unfair.
  5. Also worth using multiple manual save slots just in case.
  6. No probs. Last time it happened was in the Army Camp during the Band of Brothers mission. I was crouching and hidden in the yellow flowers then moved forward slightly to take down a soldier. Instantaneously I was standing up carrying him. No choking animation. If it happens again I’ll get a clip captured.
  7. FWIW I just completed In The Still Of The Night with no issues on Xbox One.
  8. Thanks. So its my finger error possibly? I'll monitor it a bit more closely. Kinda doesn't make sense though, why do they instantly die?
  9. Xbox One version. Occasionally I will creep up on an NPC and hold Y to take down but rather than perform a takedown it instantly kills the NPC and automatically I am carrying it.
  10. FWIW I just completed In The Still Of The Night with no issues on Xbox One.
  11. FWIW I just completed Band of Brothers with no issues on Xbox One.
  12. tec

    Dancing Constable

    Can you please post your platform and version number? Thanks.
  13. Simple mistake but have you logged a ticket?
  14. Customer asks for help. Devs ask for info to fix bug. Customer ignores request. Hmmmm.