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  1. Thanks for the answer Clement! Glad to see that there are devs that care about GOG and want to offer users, the chance to buy in their platform of choice instead of forcing them on a particular one. Well, with that out of the way now comes, as Tom Petty said, the waiting, which is the hardest part.
  2. Question to the devs: as the title says, will you release "We Happy Few" on GOG.com? I don't use steam and a lot of users at GOG don't use it as well. It would be really appreciated by the whole GOG userbase (which is not small, by the way) if you'd release the game on GOG as well. If not on launch day, at least at a later time (as Techland did with their game, Dying Light) Sorry if this was asked and answered before but I couldn't find a seach feature on the website. Thanks for your time.
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