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  1. @gametrenches after listening to an interview compulsion had at E3 yesterday, it seems that whatever has happened was caused by the actions of the Wellie population /government themselves rather than someone else as the interview states that they are using joy to forget about something terrible that they had to do. Because of this, I don't think there is supernatural powers at play (although this would be pretty cool if there were!) When you watch the 'Pied piper of Hamlyn' read by uncle jack, the piper is likened to Winston Churchill (through Uncle Jacks voiceover) which makes me think that whatever has happened was down to drastic action by the British government/authority in Wellington. It gives me the sense that while the Germans are the main antagonists of the events leading up to WHF, the greatest acts of horror were in fact carried out by us Brits...
  2. @SyAlmans the devs have talked about how WHF is inspired by ideas in BMW. However, they say that Joy is less like Soma and more inspired by 'North American Happy Culture' (so Joy would be more like a Prozac pill) they seem to be pushing the idea that Joy is more a form of forgetting what's happened instead of controlling the population. If you're interested in reading more about what the devs are saying, it's in one of the threads in this section if the forum.
  3. I personally think that the Joy pills have a deeper meaning than to just make citizens happy or euphoric like many modern-day recreational drugs. Since the E3 trailer which shows the pinata turning into the rat, the Joy pills seem to not just put Wellies in a state of euphoria but actively alter their perception of the world around them. Granted, the pinata turning into a rat could have been used just to shock the audience and act as an event to make the protagonist not want to take his joy (thus, moving the story of the trailer forward) but I doubt this. For me, there seems to be a bit of a discord between the E3 trailer and some of the other trailers/gameplay so I guess we will just have to hope for an new Early Access trailer to give us some more evidence to work with!
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