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  1. Guys, I finally got the game, thanks to a super generous donor! I'm gonna be streaming it completely blind for the 1st time tonight!!!! I can't wait to flail and scream my face off as I run and hide and.... who am I kidding.... I'm going to die.... a lot. Swing by and check it out! in about 20 minutes! (830ET, 530PT, 12:30AM GMT) Feel free to swing on by and laugh at my terrible failures!
  2. Hey Naila, I think it's less about knowing exactly what place to find one and more about knowing the environment for it. Water pokemon near bodies of water, bug types in forests and woods, industrial kinds (grimer, magnemite etc) in more industrial environments. As far as I can tell you can't know exactly what place you can find a specific one. Like I can't say, "My neighbor John has hitmonlee in his yard, but Jessica across the street has clefairy" I think it's more like "My neighborhood has both hitmonlee and clefairy around, gotta just walk around and see which one is where tonight". Oh, plus time of day dictates what shows up. That changes too.
  3. I'm not a speedrunner myself (it always feels like cheating to me somehow!), but have fun with it y'all, it's a great game. I'm so glad I went back to revisit it live, and didn't finish the game off stream. It reminded me of the types of games I wanted to bring to my community. Story driven, interesting/inventive gameplay mechanics, and just the right amount of cerebral-itude to get the creative juices flowing!
  4. Hi Everyone, I just noticed the We Happy Few Streaming thread and I figured Contrast could also use the same treatment. I know there's at least a few of us who like to stream Compulsion's games, so I thought I'd set up this thread for anyone who wanted to talk about streaming Contrast, especially if someone's playing it for the first time, or maybe just revisiting for nostalgia's sake. I wanted a place to discuss streaming the game (including tech tips, challenges, speedruns, etc.), or even just posting that you're going live so some of us can check it out. Cheers! -SmarmyDolphin.
  5. I'm excited to see the game hit steam early access. I can't wait to get my hands on it either. The concept sounds suspiciously like something I'd enjoy far too much!
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