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  1. It just reminded me of that awful Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie where a British family kept using American words. Pulls you right out of the experience. - In the UK we write our dates like this: 9th October 1964 (not October 9, 1964) - Vacation and Candy are words we don't use. - The piñata is fine but it is a custom more well known in America. A British person would only really know about them from American media. Its understandable that these things come up if the game is being made by a non-UK team. But they do stand out a lot. Sorry if this seems nit-picky but its a pet peeve of mine and your game looks wonderful, I'd hate it to be spoiled.
  2. Just saw the E3 trailer and the game looks amazing. However why are there American words and Americanisms used in a game set in 1960s England? Date: October 9, 1964 - Not how dates are written in the UK Sign on wall: "Summer Vacation" - An American phrase A piñata - Very uncommon in the UK Candy - An American word Not major problems, just feel it spoils things a bit. Food for thought.
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