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  1. Overwatch was out more than one week. I have got many suprise about this game. I have got this game last week on scdkey. I want to know what rewards you have got ? The most time what have you got ? It is so crazy game that all of my friends are playing it. All time was chatting about Overwatch. 500 coins Young Genji Skin Woodbot Skin for Bastion Nomad for Genji Sunyatta skin for Zenyatta in the beta How about yours ?
  2. @shmerl The Witcher 3 is great game. I was played it on GOG. It is great. Wish you can get your game on Linux soon.
  3. I've been hooked ever since the first Uncharted came out. I then purchased and played the second and third Uncharted games when they came out, and loved them. Needless to say, I've been waiting a long time for Uncharted 4. It just came out two weeks ago, but the problem is, I don't own a PS4. I don't want to buy a PS4 now, since, apparently, there's some new version (PS4 Neo) coming out soon? If so, I'll get the latest Uncharted when that system comes out. Someone suggest me to play overwatch, and he have got it from scdkey. He told me it is very interesting. But i want Uncharted 4. Anyway, what game or games are you really looking forward to?
  4. Hello guys. I am noob in DOOM. I was want to wait Overwatch. It was changed after i watch a video made by my best friend. He was join DOOM last Friday. I need to say it is better than i thought. I was beat by it, So i change my idea and get it from scdkey today. I cant stop to play it for 5 hours. It is so crazy that i cant stop. But i have little problem now. Should i have two games together or only play DOOM ? I dont think i have money for the two games but i got one now. Another one i cant get it now ? Or anywhere i can get it free ? Anyone can help me ? Because these two games are great game in my mind.
  5. It was a long story. I have a happy family in my mind. Which got change when i met Joe who was a sunny boy in my life. He give me some good suggestion for my life and changed my life. I start to join his community and start to play games ( he give me a key from scdkey which got from facebook as a gift , it was a nice game called Just cause 3) Then more and more game in my steam. I have to spend 18 hours on it. What was happened ? My wife is very anry with it. She told me to make a choose betweet game and her. She told me that she need a good hasband not a gamer. But it is really hard for me to stop game. What should i do now ?
  6. Is it possible to know the voice actor behind the Constables? I want to know too.
  7. Thank Naila for giving me useful information and tip, but 22$ is too expensive for a poor man , finally ,i choose SCDKey to buy the game key, I compared the various shop online' prices and found SCDKey is the cheapest, CoD Black Ops 2 only 11.15 EUR 11.15 , which is incredible ,I am a student, no money, just the beginning, I was very skeptical that the site is't secure because his price is too cheap to trust,, but the fact proves the concern is superfluous, everything is so smooth and safey.
  8. My friend recommended me to play Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 on Steam ,i want to buy cod 'cd key,But I do not know which shop cheaper and security,SCDKey or others ? Give me some tips , what 's more , what details need to be paid attentions about the game ? thank you . i am waiting,,,
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