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  1. Ahhh lol I went around the city for a while trying to get the bobbies to say it, but they refused to. I was like, what am i doing wrong?? haha
  2. @Sam Youre going to hate me for asking, but is that something the Bobbies say? lol
  3. @Iris_Lockspur Im with you on that! Id love to explore more of the tunnels/underground bunkers.
  4. @Iris_Lockspur Nice shot And i do have a few pics of her in there. @Naila I hope they do leave them! If they dont, i might just have to cut off everyones joy in protest! Theyre as much a part of Wellington Wells now as any Wellie imo.
  5. @Iris_Lockspur Awesome! That's one of my favorite tv screens/advertisements. Love the title screen. So well done.
  6. @Otherbuttons Haha youre too kind. This is one of those games like the vanishing of ethan carter or, the witness, where every which way you look, its wallpaper material. I do have a pretty beefy pc that i built just for screenshots, to push games visually to their limits and run them at very high resolutions. But even with that, im usually in the 5-10fps range when taking screenshots ( a price i gladly pay though, when it comes to image quality). And I have the game now, so theres definitely more pics incoming!
  7. Not at all! Id be honored even if you guys used them to throw darts at!
  8. @hiroyuki232 Thank you! The rainbow road areas are my favorite part of the game, graphically. @Ghretto Sweet Messing around with stuff in the console is always a good time.
  9. @Hidude Yours are every bit as awesome, especially the one with the three beds! I still haven't found that house yet myself. The answer to how i take the screenshots is a bit long, so bear with me. First thing i did was mess with almost every visual command in the console (thank you so much devs for leaving that in and fully functional. I really really hope you leave it that way in the final version too, since not only is it so useful for high quality screenshots, it's also useful for players to mess around with things and play the game the way that's most comfortable to them. I honestly think it expands the games's replayability even more because of this.). Almost every developer uses/adds/takes away different commands, so it's always a new learning curve finding out which ones work, from game to game. Second i disabled a few visual effects that can detract from image quality, like chromatic aberration (the bane of my existence) and depth of field. I normally turn off film grain as well, but left it on in this game because it helps with the banding in the sky and areas that are heavy with fog. I also turn on/off the vignette from shot to shot. Next i used more console commands (and added them to the defaultscalability.ini file when possible) to make the shadows render father away and at higher resolutions, as well as forced better lod (level of detail) and farther rendering distance for trees, bushes and grass and npcs. Finally i made sure that textures were loading at their highest resolution (i noticed certain ones, like signs, weren't always loading at full res, even when i was pretty close). From there i used time of day commands (to give me specific lighting for certain scene) and other useful commands to adjust the fov, freeze time, disable the hud, make the npcs ignore me, take away the nps all together and let me fly the camera around freely. Lastly i used a post-processing injector called reshade, which lets you do all kinds of things on the fly, like alter contrast, brightness, colors and bloom, among many other settings. With it I added some anti-aliasing (and then increased the sharpness a small amount to make up for the loss of detail), used a more hazy bloom, added a little more contrast and then increased certain colors to make them pop more, like in the concept art and trailer. On top of all of this, i run the game at 6-7k resolution wise and then downsample it, which takes away aliasing and adds clarity to the shot. From here i just ran (or flew) around and looked for interesting places/people/things to take pics of. I spent a couple of hours per night the last 2 weeks messing with and screenshotting We happy few, so it's definitely time consuming, but so worth it when you come across a special game like this. @Sam Thanks :] And i wish i could! My friend let me use her steam account to play it while she was on vacation, but now that she's back, I'm not sure if, or when, I'll get to screenshot it again. Infinite sadness. :''(
  10. @Hidude Not at all. Glad you like it enough to use it!
  11. @Horrorshow Thanks! It's a gorgeous game!
  12. Awesome screenshots everyone I absolutely love the art direction in this game!
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