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  1. More delicious eerie atmosphere!
  2. Props to all the people that contributed to this scene. Its so perfectly composed, Id buy the game after seeing this area alone! Uncle jack approved 5k version: http://i.imgur.com/NiJGpfV.jpg
  3. @Iris_Lockspur I actually do. lol I like to keep a stockpile around just in case theres ever a screenshot shortage. Really though, i take and keep a ton for my screenshot blog, working with developers to promote games, ect. I have a good portion of them on my computer since uploading 46,000 files would be a pain, but when posting them online, ive used several different image hosting sites and i like to have a bit of a reserve stored up.
  4. 1920 x 1080 version http://i.imgur.com/26oGIdW.png
  5. @Iris_Lockspur Ah ok, that explains how i missed it. lol And i didnt know the Bobbies had such sweet dance moves.
  6. Good stuff.! I hadnt seen that bottom sign yet.
  7. @Nalia Sweet, thanks. I wish i wasnt busy all weekend! The wait to really mess around with it is killing me!
  8. @Nalia You were right, i love the new update! haha I couldnt help but take a few shots tonight. Everyone really outdid themselves. The garden area looks almost like a new game! Among other things, this level of detail and environmental storytelling (like the super atmospheric bridge area) is what helps put We Happy Few in that top tier with games like Fallout, Bioshock and Dishonored.
  9. Dang im going to be house/dog sitting all weekend. Its like xmas morning has been delayed by 4 days. Still, this is super awesome! Thanks Compulsion!
  10. @Iris_Lockspur awesome colors in that shot! @Nalia So awesome :) Btw do you see those 2 black lines in the middle of the road in the above screenshot? I see those randomly all over my rainbow roads too. Do you know if thats a graphical glitch? At first thought it was tire marks but up close it doesnt look like thats the case. (plus no car has working tires lol)
  11. @Naila Glad to have you back! Seems like the show went well. And I am dying for the new update! Seriously, everything i see in it from each new screenshot looks so good. Hopefully its not too far away, i dont think i (or anyone else) can hold out for much longer! Yesss thats such good news! Wellington just wouldnt be the same without them. @Iris_Lockspur :o How awesome! Im thinking maybe you and i are just on Joy and thats not reality. lol
  12. @Sam He was on the backside (rear entrance), of the inside, of one of the bridge buildings. lol Had to take a pic of him in front of that sweet retro colored wall. #keeptheNailasignspls
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