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  1. Speaking of rich colors mixed with a dreary setting, this is another nicely done, atmospheric area.
  2. @Naila The train station is really cool. I was so excited to go explore it the first time i saw it. And those flowers are super pretty. I love how theyre such a nice contrast to the dark, moody nights (and the train station in the background). One thing that really draws me into the game visually, is the juxtaposition between the sometimes bright and/or saturated colors and the dreary setting.
  3. @Naila One of my favorite things about taking screenshots is seeing which ones connect with people. Sometimes you can can spend an hour (or more) on a single shot that you think is the coolest thing ever, and it ends up not doing much for people. Then sometimes, its the one that took you a minute to do that stands out. What makes you like this one so much?
  4. @Horrorshow I can totally see the dollhouse type of colors.
  5. @Otherbuttons Aww ♥ ♥ While both are awesome, Im not sure which color roads i like the best. I think i have to go with the top picture. Those darker colors make the game feel more moody and retro, where the second picture looks more cartoony and kinda doesnt fit as well imo. What do you guys think? (sorry for the repost of the second pic, its the only good shot of the new rainbow roads i have right now)
  6. @horrorshow haha thats awesome
  7. @Iris_Lockspur It is a really neat part of the game. I didnt know we could explore some of them in the future!
  8. I really like the We Happy Few logo and wanted to use it with a screenshot, but i wanted to put it on something that didnt have a busy background, so it would stand out more. I wandered around in the game for a while until i found something that i thought worked well with it. Both the Bobby and the logo mask are only half of a face and its almost like the little mask is whispering in his ear (maybe reminding him to take his Joy?). No logo version i.imgur.com/LiKa1AM.png
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