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  1. @JackMaher and @fromthewoods I appreciate the kind words, but just know that both of your screenshots are, and will always be, just as good as mine. All screenshots are awesome. My favorite thing about screenshots in general is that i get to see the game from someone else's point of view. @JackMaher I love that area! Accept when that spanker kill me. @fromthewoods Ive actually never noticed that the pipes from the chimneys are all bent up. I learn something new everyday about We happy few
  2. @Horrorshow After seeing that pic of the House of Curious Behaviors, i searched all over for it. Finally found it though. It definitely has some sweet clockwork orange vibes.
  3. I dont know who this guy is, but i want to learn everything about him.
  4. I totally agree with you Iris, the curvy roads really make a world of difference. It makes it feel less like a game space and more like a real little city. This room is one of the coolest things ever.
  5. Congratulations Compulsion on the early access launch! The game looks, sounds and plays great. And the new opening area is so good!
  6. @Horrorshow Best screenshots in this thread! loll
  7. @Iris_Lockspur Thats awesome Maybe our minds are connected from all the joy. I think its a testament to the skill of the level designers, who place things perfectly in specific spots to guide the player (and our eyes). When i first saw actual gameplay footage, i thought the game looked interesting, but it didnt really visually grab me (however, the official trailer did). But once these well thought out areas started to appear, i was sold. I definitely think they will be a part of the games secret sauce. They also offer a nice counter balance to the more generic/less scripted (but still high quality), procedurally generated aspect of the game.
  8. @Hidude haha Well if you do have a slideshow of them, i feel honored! This is such a fun and rewarding game to take screenshots of. Compulsion really put together a super talented team to work on it, and in imo, they created a visual masterpiece.
  9. @Îbarumarky They are But i should mention theyre taken at high resolutions (5k) and some have a bit of reshade ( a post processing injector) added to the image (mostly for a little softer bloom, anti aliasing and some added or taken away saturation, depending on the shot. Overall though, the developers just made the game look this darn good! :]
  10. @Iris_Lockspur Good eye my friend! It was one of the least detailed parts of the shot, so it kind of stood out, and not in a good way. But more importantly, i wanted to see more of the colorful atmospheric fog behind it and i wanted to use the metal beams to frame out and clearly show one of the zapper devices. So i used a console command to remove it. And i agree about the signs. I love how they look. They were the first thing i was drawn to visually and the first thing i took a screenshot of.
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