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  1. No logo version: http://i.imgur.com/FKUVPLr.png
  2. @BonBon Thanks Im excited to learn more about him too.
  3. I dont know who makes these buildings at Compulsion, but i need them to design my future house please.
  4. @naila Glad you used that last one. Its one of my favorites.
  5. @Iris_Lockspur Makes sense, why waste resources on a head you never see? haha Nice shot btw. Love that room.
  6. @Iris_Lockspur Thats a bit of screenshot trickery. lol He has a model during cutscenes, so i enabled the free camera during that one, paused and unpaused the scene until i liked his pose, then had to get an interesting angle while hiding the biggest flaw of his model. Which is, he has no head. On a side note, its the same thing for the game Outlast. The full body is rendered, but its headless: http://imgur.com/bLkOKkC
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