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  1. Some other issue's I had are -Too many houses in the wasteland are "empty" with no rubble, or anything inside -Too many houses in all regions are "locked up" (not able to access inside) -Not enough building variety. Lack of castles, churches, catacombs, dungeons, towers, powerplants, etc -Lack of weather -Difficult to lose aggro even when out of sight -Inability to craft Shovel (but it is essential to game) -Food Bar is too small, making small foods more efficient than large food items -Where is the dangerous black dog at night? -Not possible to assassinate people while they are sleeping on a bed -Not enough books/newspapers/posters to give information about lore -No point playing hardcore mode (death = game over) if there are no rewards/incentives -Make item stacking a little easier for players Things that would be nice additions to the game -Dark Ally Ways in Wellington Wells have people walking by, but they do not cause aggro even though you are a downer -Rivers/Ponds/Lakes that have some function, quest, or lore attached -Allow for some more advanced dialogue option between people -Provide more weapon creation options for players (guns, electricity, fire, bombs, etc) -Cutscenes? -Make Food/Water/Sleep become less of a burden as a player progresses in the game.
  2. Hi, I recently bought the game on steam and I love it so far! I have a couple of issues with the game that I would like to present. -No colors on items, makes it difficult to identify objects in the object slot -Pretty difficult to find inventory expansion slots vs Item expansion slot -Houses on Maps don't include sub-legends that say if they include beds/work craft stations, etc. -Certain "special" houses such as Johnny Bolt, don't appear on the map. -Quest Haute Cuisine doesn't let you rescue the chef. -When dying from the plague. there is no way to counter it. -When trying to obtain honey, sometimes not enough tough linen spawns to make a padded coat -?Useless? items exist such as shredded raincoat, that don't really belong in the game. -In Quest Johnny Bolt, when obtaining Ephemeral Linen, if you get teleported out of the house, the linen disappears... It's possible to take all the linen and "lose it" making the quest impossible. -Having more "special" houses that let you discover the lore further would be a nice touch to the game. More dialogue, more special events, etc/ -Having a % completion bar, allowing you to beat the entire game would be a nice bonus.
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