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  1. It's an original song. They'll be revealing more details, soon!
  2. PLEASE tell us the Bobbies will be able to pole dance as well 8D
  3. I've been experimenting with some other styles to add some variety, and here it is. So, please have this totally-not-deranged-looking fashionable Downer with questionable Twiggy eyeliner: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, since I am IN LOVE with her design, I plan to cosplay as the Downerette/Enigma/Twiggy with Hypodermic/Miss Adorable White Dress with High Thighs/Girl with Needle/Helmet Lady/Lady Protag! I CANNOT wait to show you, but it's still a work in progress, so here's a sneak peak :
  4. I've been hearing lately that hiding under the beds is too "OP," so I thought of a little somethin': When you try to hide while you're in the line of sight of your pursuers, you can be forcefully dragged out of whatever you were hiding in, kind of like the Hiding Mechanic in Bully. I can Imagine the Bobbies doing this, especially if they catch you trying to sneak under a bed. Anyway, that's just my idea. Anyone else feel like sharing? Feel free to leave your suggestions.
  5. This was originally based off the old bridge encounter, but I guess it can also tie in with Mother's Day. @Naila Thank you! I actually sometimes use Dexter's Laboratory as a reference, lol.
  6. @wellete24 It's a command (entered ~fly) that allows you to move up, similar to the command, ~ghost, which allows you to walk through solid objects. It's pretty cool to use it to take screenshots.
  7. You can pick the lock of the train station gate as well as the apple tree gate. Took me a while to figure it out.
  8. @Iris_Lockspur Thank you! And I guess I'll need to give the Doctor a creepier grin nest time!
  9. I've wanted to retro-cartoonize the Wellies and Wastrels for a while and finally got around to doing it, at least their heads. Background was inspired by the magical rainbow roads of Hamlyn.
  10. @Iris_Lockspur You're too kind, I'm glad people like these! And cool painting on the We Happy Fanart thread, it gave me a sort of optical-illusion vibe to it. @hiroyuki232 Nice to see a fellow Alice fan, and I plan to keep it up!
  11. @Nalia Oh, okay! I don't have any, I just post straight to here.
  12. That's a pretty steep drop... It would be a shame if someone fell off the edge... ...and struck a fabulous pose!
  13. @Nalia That would be amazing, go right ahead! This may sound stupid, but I'm not familiar with links, so I don't know what to do. Will copy/paste work? Or just a link to my account on the forums?
  14. @Naila Thank you! I'll be sure to have the Not-So-Happy trio next week!
  15. Ah, what the heck. The Downerette needs some love, too.
  16. While I was fooling around with Paint Tool SAI, I thought to myself that I should give my Wellette a makeover (sorry it's a bit big):
  17. @Otherbuttons Good eye! And thank you for your kind words. I admire your work and it's so cool that you like my stuff. And about that Wellette/Alice Liddell crossover? It'll be on my to-do list.
  18. I've done some doodles a while back and previously posted them on the We Happy Fanart thread in horrible quality. So this time, I want to share them in a hopefully better quality. Not sure if this is allowed, but I threw in an Alex DeLarge as well.
  19. Did that guy on the bottom right get stung to death by those placeholder textures?
  20. That darn Foggy Jack! Guess I have no other choice than to lower the graphics for now. Goodbye, Ultra Settings. ;-;
  21. @Iris_Lockspur Hmm, I haven't thought of that. Maybe it's an optimization issue that will be looked into in the next build. "Where does the fog come from?! That's the answer to everything, I bet!"
  22. In shelters and at 8pm to 11pm in game time, I'm able to get around 45-50 fps, but most of the time, I'm only hitting 25-30 fps. And in scenarios like the Butcher Shop, it goes down to 15 fps. My pc meets the recommended specs except for my graphics card, which scores a 3,151 on the benchmark test, but I checked on game-debate.com to compare it to the recommended card and they seem to match equally for the most part. Is there anything I can tweak without lowering the graphic settings?
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