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  1. They've mentioned on their Twitter that they have plans for opening a shop, soon. I'd like a T-shirt as well, and maybe they'll release posters, too!
  2. Those suits the Wellies sport in the House of Curious Behaviors were so bizarre, I just had to doodle them (I like the fact that the Wellettes wear pink latex gloves with frills): Also, I have yet again attempted a different drawing style and wanted to feature it here (just heads this time):
  3. Ahhh, nothing brings Wastrels together more than... this, apparently! :
  4. It can be pretty frustrating. There's a cheat in the console (typed ~unlockinventory) that will grant you access to all the slots in your inventory. You can also craft Inventory Expansion Kits using three canvas scraps, two rolls of duct tape, and a sewing kit.
  5. Under Options, there's Developer Cheats. Click on that and it will enable the console for you.
  6. Hmm, where to begin? Well, there was that time I threw boxes of caltrops on the ground and set everyone on fire while they were hopping up and down...
  7. While dragging an item, hold the alt key and place the item you want to split on an empty slot in your inventory. The stack will be split in half each time you do this.
  8. On the podium, there is a formula for Phytosteroid. You need to use a Jimmy bar to pry it loose and take it.
  9. Oh my, the House of Curious Behaviors... it gave me HUGE Clockwork Orange vibes, especially this room. Reminded me of the Korova Milkbar, especially with all those mannequins: @Nautilus Same here! His voice lines are very unsettling, I love it. "How are you, today? I mean it, you know~"
  10. This week I gave the Wellies their bodies (I just HAD to draw one of the Wellettes doing that happy strut) : @Otherbuttons Wow, thank you! Gladly! As for the dress, it was made from scratch and the fabric is Lycra, the black having a metallic coat. The black stripes were not overlay-ed, rather they were sewn alongside the white part, if that makes any sense (My sewing terminology is terrible, my apologies). It would be too thick for the black stripes to come all the way down the dress and sew the hem altogether, so they ended up about 2 cm above the hem. The black border along the cape (oh, and the cape isn't attached to the dress) was folded over and sewn as well as the turtleneck part (this is where the Lycra came in handy so I was able to pull it over my noggin), and the edges of the cape were rounded a bit (though the shoulders did come out a bit wonky). For the rest of the cosplay, I used the following: -Black metallic leggings -White dress gloves -Syringe pen (which did not show up in these particular pictures) -Mod white sunglasses -Eyelashes and red liquid lipstick (I was going to attempt the Twiggy eyeliner, but with the helmet on it would have been covered up anyway) -Baseball helmet, white flat cord for the strap, and white glossy spray paint (I found a baseball helmet at a thrift store, spray painted it, and sewed the strap on the inner adjusting belt) (I also made an attempt to make a cardboard briefcase that was also not featured in those pictures, but it wasn't all that great anyway) Hope I answered your question, and still waiting on that Strawberry Fields piece!
  11. "Join the mafia, meet interesting people! Then, whack 'em." I've recently been replaying, "Guns, Gore & Cannoli," a clever little beat-'em-up where you make your way through a zombie outbreak set in the Roaring Twenties:
  12. @Nautilus Just leave the silly screenshots to me. And also, hold the phone! "Cannibal's Sweet Buffet?!" I've never seen that sign before. Possibly where Downers end up?
  13. After that Brady Bunch-ish drawing I did with all those Wellie and Wastrel heads, I finally gave the Wastrels their bodies. (I can imagine that waving Wastrel saying, "That's my house right there, you can see it from here!" @ArtzDeeva Thank you, I'm glad you like it! <3 @Naila I saw your twitter! "Made by 'Horrowshow,' huh? (Don't worry, I've made the same mistake when logging in once) But seriously, that was really nice of you to post my drawing, thank you!
  14. @ArtzDeeva Haha, the ragdoll physics in this game are amazing. :0)
  15. Mmm whatcha sayyyyy... Elastigirl, is that you?
  16. @ArtzDeeva Well, there was an evacuation of English children during WWII called, "Operation Pied Piper." Perhaps they were sent away to spare them of the Very Bad Thing? And wow, that is one hell of a coincidence about those three escapees.
  17. Looking at those retro Downers made me want to redo them again, hopefully they don't look as childish in body type this time: @Sam Thanks! She has such a cool and sleek design, I couldn't resist. @Naila Thank you! Actually, I had some help with the helmet since I ruined the first one. ^^'
  18. Well, this is it! I finally finished my Downerette/Enigma cosplay! Sorry for the delay, let me know what you think! Photos were taken by Moonstar Photography (and got the photographer interested in We Happy Few!) (And yes, that’s a baseball helmet )
  19. I’ve been playing American McGee’s Alice lately, and can’t get enough of the main theme. It’s so deliciously eerie and beautifully haunting. The OST was composed by Chris Vrenna: "Flying On the Wings of Steam" “Skool Daze” Sonic Unleashed also holds a special place in my heart, so I would like to include some of my favorites. (It was a difficult decision): "Apotos Day" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O9jVlFLMuY "Rooftop Run Night"
  20. @Nautilus For me, I prefer the bottom. I like how washed out and pastel the colors appear, kinda like paint for a dollhouse: But, either way, they're both really good!
  21. I'm sorry, I couldn't find the one with the screenshot. I did, however, find the build notes that introduced the difficulty settings: http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/2069/pre-alpha-build-11-the-journal-difficulty-options-and-wastrellettes
  22. In Alex's section: http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/2123/weekly-update-18-03-2016-deadly-update
  23. 10 minutes into We Happy Few and Chill and he gives you this look: (I'm sorry, it had to be done.)
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