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  1. You will have to hit the panel a couple times until it turns black, then you will need an Extractor to extract the parts inside.
  2. You can consume the raw meat if absolutely necessary, just be sure to have a Neximide pill to cure the food poisoning. You also have the option to sell it. Do the stuck doors only happen in the Garden District? And have you tried lock picking the doors?
  3. You don't equip a Jimmy Bar, you just have to walk up to a window/crate and the prompt to pry it open with the 'v' key should pop up. To make Jerky, you will also need Saltpeter, which are usually located in the kitchen cupboards in Hamlyn.
  4. When I traveled to Hamlyn, it felt a little too easy to go by unnoticed walking down the streets. Usually NPCs will give you a verbal warning whenever you're running, jumping, climbing, or crouching. Strangely, they don't turn hostile when you shove them anymore. Sorry if I sound a bit nit picky, I kinda miss that feedback the player gets from the NPCs when they're doing something they shouldn't be doing. Other than that, this update is amazing! I especially like the different stages of Joy and their separate effects. Hearing the Wellies laughing and spurting flowers when you're fighting them while on Joy is a pretty cool touch as well. The Bobbies sound a bit to enthusiastic whenever I hit them, though
  5. It was in an old build and has been removed since.
  6. The key is under the couch in the Rumpus Room. You will need to remove the person sleeping on the couch to search for it.
  7. If you inject yourself with her formula, you will get the plague. I learned that the hard way.
  8. I'm afraid not. They'll fill you up, though!
  9. @Stephanie They are alive. The "interact" prompt still appears if you get close to them, but when hostile, they are unable to attack. They can also still "walk" around town.
  10. I have found a bug when you put someone unconscious in the trunk of a car. They will remain in that position when they have escaped, but you can still interact with them.
  11. Hello! 2. There will indeed be other characters you can play as, one of them being female, all having their own goals and motivations. Their stories will interweave with each other, a notable example is Arthur and the Mad Scotsman in the Kickstarter and the ending of the Pax East 2016 . There’s also a pretty cool theory about the female character’s identity by @ArtzDeeva! 5. The Bobbies in the Apple Tree Encounter talk amongst themselves about how there was never fog before joy was invented. Perhaps it could be pollution from Joy manufacturing? 6. I believe the “Number 9? Number 9?” message is a reference to John Lennon’s Number 9 Dream, though I could be wrong. 8. I ask myself the same thing! Sorry I couldn't answer all of these, there are many things in this game I'm uncertain about, hope this still helps, though!
  12. I knocked out a bobby and put him beside a Doctor for comparison. It turns out that Bobbies are taller. And hotter.
  13. Unread discussions will appear light blue and the ones that you've read appear as a darker blue:
  14. Damn, you look AMAZING! And that mask is just perfect!
  15. In a park, there is a toy car that belongs to Sally, supposedly Arthur's childhood friend. You must go to the park where you've found the toy car at night and take your Joy. Once you're on Joy, you'll be able to see the Ghost of Sally. She will run and you will have to purse her. Eventually, she will lead you to her grave, and I think there should be a prompt to dig. This quest is bugged as of right now since sometimes the ghost won't move, even if you shove her. The Compulsion Team has this under their radar, and hopefully soon, we'll get to see what's going on with that grave!
  16. A Victoria Byng has been "Retro-Cartoonized!" @tec Aw, thanks! @BonBon Thank you, glad ya like them!
  17. Heh, I've tried to do it a couple times unsuccessfully. Someone threw a rock, stunned their victim, then I made my way through the crowd and struck him in the back of the head, killing him. The mob instantly turned on me and I hightailed it out of there. It would be pretty nice, though, if you could join in the mob and blend in... perhaps when you wear a Fancy Suit or on Joy?
  18. Yes! It is confirmed that they will add Authentic English Weather in the final release.
  19. Some quick Contrast doodles (if you tilt the monitor just right, you can see faint outlines of other doodles, sorry about that): @FabulousPotatoSister Thanks! I can imagine him making that face when playing along with Johnny Bolton's "missions."
  20. When you first arrive at their campsite, you must talk to the man and return at night to scare off the rabid Wastrels who come to terrorize them. Once they run off, talk with him again and he will tell you who won Simon Says. You can also use a Jimmy Bar to pry open their suitcase beside their tent, which contains a newsletter revealing the answer and a Proper Suit.
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