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  1. Now that's a response, Guillaume. Thanks for your respect. I respect your creative liberties and I agree to close the thread. While I still think this heavy language is innapropriate in any case, your response was wonderful and I'll have to agree to disagree. Thanks for your consideration! Best of luck to Compulsion! -John
  2. Alright ya'll... If this is the community for this game, I dunno if I want to be a part of it anyway. It's pretty sad that a company that once made Contrast now attracts... this. I apologized. I was being very respectful in my post today, but you guys aren't. Hope you enjoy the game! Enjoy it for me, will ya? Thanks for looking out for a fellow person! Have fun!
  3. Hey there, Guillaume! Wow, what an honor to speak to the CEO of this operation! I understand your stance and I'll have to catch you guys later. Good luck! However, in closing, I still just want to reaffirm that you could keep the full 'integrity' of Drug Use, Denial, and Social Conformity without the use of F-Words. Look at Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury was a genius without excess cussing. I just felt like you could tell the story with a PG-13 rating (of course not a PG rating). I understand the violence, and even minor cussing, but I just feel like the F-Bombs are just not necessary for your environment. But I understand your view and decision. Good luck! -John
  4. We'll agree to disagree, but I hope you can also see that it's not only 'one or two' with this belief. This is a worldwide issue here. I don't know if you have children, but if you do (and even if you don't you'll see what I'm saying), would you cuss in front of your little innocent kid? Would you say 'terrible things' and F-Bombs in front of them? Why do they rate movies R if there are three F-Bombs? Why is it frowned upon to swear in public? It's more than just me, man. Why would there even be Parents' Guides for games and movies if people didn't care? As for my proof... I've got a big group of friends that LOVE you play horror games and games like WHF. All of us won't buy this if it's filthy like this. I know we're not the only group of people like this, just like you're not the only person who doesn't mind it. I'm not meaning to be hypocritical, I just am trying to stand up for what I believe in. (And no offense... But what is there to stand up for with cussing? It's wrong and society knows that. That's why we have ratings.) I just don't see how cutting a few 4-letter-words out of the game hurts it's originality and purpose. Why not have fun together? Why do you seem so hard set in cutting those of us who don't like cussing out of the loop? We're just like you... We just want a thrill with an innovative game. I don't mean to be rude or 'unprepared,' I just want to be a part of this.
  5. Whoa this thread exploded in the last few hours! Haha. First off... sdawgsc2 and I are NOT the same person (good Sherlock Holmes skills, though.) I want to personally apologize to Compulsion Games. I did not mean to be rude. I was just frustrated because I LOVE the concept of this game and I LOVED Contrast. I really wanted to play this game and this news was hard to swallow. I don't like swearing. I can't stand it. That's really my only concern about We Happy Few and I was just hoping that Compulsion could see that I am a huge fan and I really wanted to support this game. It literally was/is the game I am MOST excited for in 2016! My friends and I have been closely following this game and we have been STOKED! Sorry to you guys, Otherbuttons and Hayden... I didn't mean to make you guys mad. However, Hayden, yes I was rude to Compulsion and for that I really am sorry... But you were also rude to me. Just remember that being rude to someone that is rude still makes you rude. I, despite my awful wording, hope that you guys can see that not everyone likes foul language. Have compassion. Look at this from another perspective please. I see your points and I understand them. Please just see what I'm saying as well. Otherbuttons... While I respect your argument, no. I will not 'get with the times.' I firmly believe in standing up for what you know is right... and I can say that cussing is not right. Feel free to cuss yourself, but don't force that belief on everyone else. It's unfair. I will not change my beliefs to something corrupt simply because it's 'with the times.' My real concern is with Compulsion. If anyone from Compulsion is reading this... Please, I beg of you... Hear me out. I am very sorry for my previous rudeness. Please just see that foul language is wrong. It's not needed to express the emotions that this game is trying to portray. All I was trying to say is I know that you can write creatively enough to not use cussing. This game really doesn't need to be rated M. It can be violent and use minor cussing if you really see it fit, but this game doesn't NEED to be M. It doesn't have to be. If you make it T, more people can play it. Otherbuttons and Hayden both said that they'd still play it if it's T, but if it's M, I and others I know will not play it. It's backwards compatible. See what I'm saying? It's like in math where you can say that a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square. I just want you to see that. I feel like it is the right thing to say. If you want to just toss my words into the trash, I understand. At least I've done my best to plead that you guys open this game up to us massive fans who REALLY want to play it. Who REALLY want to support it. Who REALLY want to support you. I promise you... If you make this game T, I will be your best salesman EVER. Haha! I love your company. I just want to be a part of this. Thanks for hearing me out. I really want the best for you guys and I hope you can see what I'm trying to say even though I'm not a wordsmith. Sorry for my original approach. It was stupid. But I'm pleading that you hear me now. Thanks! Respect, -John
  6. Yeah. I read somewhere that Uncle Jack says some "terrible things." Still seems shoe-horned in, but whatever. Just wish this game was for a wider audience.
  7. Good that you feel that way. Have a great day, man! I'll just keep doing what I do and you keep believing what you believe. -Johnny Boi
  8. So just because the game has "many, many adult themes" means its better? Why make a genre that restricts players? You're argument is desensitized. Also, blood is not just what I'm talking about. You honestly think that F-Bombs fit in a 1940's era game? You honestly think "provocative situations" fit in a stylistic survival horror? It just doesn't fit. Go ahead. Be desensitized. I'd rather involve more people in their "fun and innovative" organization (check out their "about us" section of their website.) Hey man... Take it as you will. I just hate to see Compulsion go all... generic.
  9. Righto. True shame. I talked with Sam about this. I really love your company and I was hoping for better. Sadly, you're gonna lose sales because of this... starting with me. Still all the best!
  10. I was just curious, what is We Happy Few going to be rated? Is it going to be rated M? All that would do is limit your purchasing audience. You will not lose ANY sales by making the game T, but if the game is rated M... I guarantee you will lose sales. Look at these amazing games: -Five Nights at Freddy's series -Slender: The Arrival -Dead Realm -Dear Esther -Emily Wants to Play -KHOLAT -Kraven Manor -Sir, You Are Being Hunted -Statues -Knock-Knock -Slender: The Eight Pages -Among The Sleep -Among The Sleep: Prologue What do all of these games have in common? All of them are very clean (content-wise). What else do they have in common? They are all VERY highly praised horror games by the big-shots (Markiplier, PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, etc.) and the community. So the question come down to this: Why would you fill your game with content that will ONLY limit your audience? All those games were clean and they have been VERY successful. The big-shots and people that don't mind bad content will still like a clean game. For example, the new game Firewatch that just came out ended up having loads of language and nudity (Rated M) and many people I know didn't buy it (and they would have played it otherwise... including myself). It does not add any quality to the game; it detracts quality. Please make sure that you are willing to lose sales before you add all this terrible content to your game. I would love to hear your thoughts. Anyone with me? Thanks!
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