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  1. I also had a hard time with this, I did find branches that spawned on the ground near trees one time but it's difficult to happen upon them that way because the spots where they spawn on the ground are so few and far between and the garden district is so expansive. If you've searched every house already, I guess you could hope you get one from the mystery chest or search rubble piles outside.
  2. I found her in my game, so she's not completely removed, but I couldn't tell you why you couldn't find her in your game. ?
  3. We've come to the end of our time! Seriously though, I really enjoyed the game as well, I think Ollie's act was my favorite between the things he says, holding Miss Byng hostage, and finding out the truth of what happened to Margaret.
  4. Maybe I was confused about what you originally meant, I thought you were saying you had to restart the entire game, as in completely close out of it, not just return to main menu. If I misunderstood you then I'm sorry I didn't help, but returning to main menu and choosing a save to load is the only way to do it right now.
  5. Water filters are materials and not usable items themselves, you need to find the separate blueprint for pure water to be able to use them.
  6. Examine the broken machines and Arthur will notice which parts are missing, and then look around the area to find the parts to repair them with. They're all on the ground floor, two should be in the rooms down there and one is in a bin out on the open floor near the storage shelves. After you've completed that, go upstairs to the control room to move them in the correct order to cause the chain reaction.
  7. You don't have to fully quit the game, there's a main menu button, you return to main menu and then load your save from there. Yes I know it's less convenient than just having a load option in the pause menu, but you're exaggerating that you have to quit the entire game and restart.
  8. I've been playing on PC, put 19 hours in since Friday (had a boring weekend so what else could I be doing) and ran into no major issues so far. Framerate is always stable, haven't run into anything game breaking besides the inability to complete the hive mind quest, but since that is a minor quest it's easy to ignore, and while I have noticed a few bugs they've been entirely cosmetic (npc levitating when leaning against a wall, a bush floating off the ground a bit). Meanwhile, I hear people on ps4 complaining the framerate and bugs are so terrible it's unplayable. It's not a simple fix when different people are having different problems, and some people aren't even having problems at all.
  9. Try leaving the door open, I did and it always stayed open. Also you have to have the blueprint for pure water to use filters, the water filters are a material of another blueprint and are not usable items themselves.
  10. There is waiting on benches but there are some benches you can't wait on, such as the bench inside the gate of the Reform Club. If that's where you're sitting, you gotta sit on a bench outside to be able to wait.
  11. Shibou


    Look around the Garden District and you'll find trees with bees hanging around them and honeycombs inside the trees. Once you've found them they will be marked on your map with a point of interest icon and named "Honey Bee Nest", so they are easy to find again.
  12. I don't know about the PS4 but I've been playing on PC and have had very few issues, the worst I've experienced is a a quest breaking bug for one minor and unimportant side quest, Hive Mind. Perhaps what you're experiencing is a bad port?
  13. As long as we're having this thread about load times, I'll chip in and say I've been experiencing very short load times for PC.
  14. The map generates differently with each game so I wouldn't be able to tell you because I don't know what the map looks like on your game, sorry D:
  15. I am pretty much at the beginning of this quest, and the map configured in such a way as to have a building completely blocking the pipe, so I can't turn the valve... Even if I try to ghost through the wall, I can't interact with the valve at all, it's completely broken. EDIT: I realized I could just kill the workers and take the sewer hatch key, so I can continue on with the quest, but still I'll leave this here for reference.
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