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  1. Hello! I've located Faradays lab, spoke with him, helped him out, got a bucket of motiline but now I can't find Faraday anywhere to give it to him. And his door upstairs has the cage down over it. Is it bugged or did I mess something up?
  2. Great insight! as a developer myself it's great to see how others view metrics.
  3. No concerns at all! You're definitely as transparent as you can be about these things. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. YES!!! wow, this is the update I've been waiting for. Quick question, I've seen the June 2016 release date popping up now and was wondering is that the new delayed release date for Early access and Xbox Game Preview or is it the full release? Have not purchased pre alpha yet and was looking to since this is a substantial update. But due to the high price I want to see if their is sufficient time to money ratio.
  5. That's perfect. Thanks for the open honesty. Definitely looking forward to it. These weekly updates are easily going to keep me excited up until whenever you see fit.
  6. AWESOME!!! Reminds me of how Grand Theft Auto had the "Brief" section in GTA IV. It was a good way to get caught up on audio you missed or little hints. Fallout has always done something similar as well. I think this is a great addition and adds some depth to the objectives!
  7. Gotcha. So you're delaying the Early Access release and the Game Preview release a few months? I remember before it was to be released during the holiday season.
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