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  1. Up front, I'm a big fan of the game. But I have to respectfully disagree that this gets a pass because it's 'unimportan't (that's actually indicative of the problem: perception of value.) It's still a part of the game [product] and still involves actual work. And, as far as exposure goes, anyone can easily ascertain that it was done for free and so it's unlikely it will be taken as serious work (further, the assumption will likely be that Compulsion did most of the work no matter how much is your work. Because it has no 'value'. It's de-valued exposure.) This isn't 'send us your fan art', this is 'help make our product'. I'm not being negative out of spite or the like, again I love the game. I really do. And maybe I'm a little kneejerk about this issue, that may be true. But I've lived and worked with and around artists and creators all my life and this sort of thing just perpetuates a race to the bottom and devalues the time and talent of artists as 'not serious work'. In this case, an artist and writer who's also going to help flesh out the narrative and back-story in addition to working on maps. With no compensation whatsoever offered (not even an offer of a crew shirt or your kickstarter pledge back .) Or let's put it another way, value is based on perception of toil and artists seem to get the brunt of the 'do it for fun' trope. But had it read like this, I suspect the perception of value would be different: 'A key character in our game has two clickable maps on his wall. One is a map charting the invasion of Great Britain during our version of WWII. The other is a map of Europe showing what happened there. I’ve written the code for this but I'm not happy with it. Is there, among you, someone who would enjoy programming these maps and maybe figuring out a bit of the mechanics and interface? You'd work with me getting the code merged and tracking down bugs.' Sorry, Compulsion. I don't mean to come off as a jerk, but... come on. Offer something.
  2. So lovely! And so much I haven't found yet!
  3. So 'for @exposure'? Sorry, I hate to be that person but... you get paid for your work on the game. Why should an outside artist work on the game for free? Much less a game they've likely paid to play. You'd never ask a programmer to do this, why is it OK to ask an artist to?
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