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  1. @Naila I definitely send the reports anytime I get a crash, I know how helpful it can be vs just saying "it crashed". It does seem to working fine now after I kept trying it repeatedly it decided to launch for me. Enjoying this build a lot! It seems the wellies are particularly mean to me and like to fight
  2. @Naila, It didn't give any info, it was the prompt that allowed me to enter in the circumstances during the crash and send a report. Admittedly it was a little vague since it was just during the initial load screen. For reference, it was starting a brand new game and not continuing a save from a past update. I'm not sure what was causing it, but it started up a few minutes after my post and several attempts
  3. Just updated and tried to play it. All the details and notes look awesome! However, every time I try to start a new game it is crashing pretty shortly into the loading screen consistently. Windows 10 for reference Edit: Just randomly worked. Not sure why it kept crashing, but I submitted reports in the prompt. Going to try out the build now!
  4. I've noticed a consistent inventory crash as well. Anytime I go to equip a "torn suit" and do so by right-clicking, it crashes. Every time, without fail. So far I've only noticed it with the torn suit as I haven't ran into another outfit.
  5. This and build 8 have been some of my favorite updates so far. It feels a lot more vibrant and alive now. The extra chatter from the character, the day cycles, I'm a big fan of the 5 island set-up too, overall an awesome set of updates
  6. 1. In the top left hand corner of the HUD is a lady, who sometimes changes what she looks like. What do you currently understand the purpose of this indicator to be, and how often do you use it? I've mostly used it as a combat indicator, are there any plans to change how it looks? E.G. Male/Female option or have it be dependent on the character you are playing? 2. In pre-alpha update 8 we implemented a new way of carrying around water. How do you feel about the new water system? I like it! Definitely a convenient aspect to manage thirst
  7. First, we have the elusive half-stair case. Built cleverly into the wall to be impassable! Second, a (half) decent shot of a pretty sweet building I ran into on one of my earlier playthroughs
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