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  1. The lead pipe inventory icon appears squashed in the tiles. Perhaps this has been pointed out already.
  2. There are two audio blurbs when encountering + searching Rupert Hill in the very beginning of the game. It is pretty disorienting to hear Arthur deliver "I wonder what happened to him..." and then "I actually think he owed me a bit of money" or whatever.
  3. I've got the highest graphics settings for the game right now, but certain structures like the St. Holmes Bridge have certain details that just randomly "appear" as you get closer.
  4. After playing the game and catching the plague, I feel like it is poorly explained. The plague bar runs down, which I expected was a good sign, but instead meant I was close to death. I think the phrasing should be more clear (description of the plague) and also the bar should probably increase instead of decrease in height.
  5. I've noticed that even on really high settings, from a distance, glass and certain walls of buildings seem to lose their texture. Is there an option to fix this? Performance for my computer isn't an issue in this case, but even with the highest graphics settings I cannot figure out how to fix this.
  6. @Naila that's great tomhear! Super excited for the traps
  7. While playing the pre-alpha, I've developed an (unhealthy?) style of play where I run away from any conflict. Usually, I can escape almost anything. Out at night and spotted by a Bobby? Run away. Stirred up a conflict with too many Wastrels? Run away. It seems like running is a quick way out of any conflict. I'm not trying to say "make the player slower", but I wish there was a larger variety of ways to escape a situation (climb a tree, hide in a closet (it's hard to get under beds), etc.) which would be more appropriate, and perhaps there could be a way to force the player to avoid running? (P.S. "Slowed!" by old ladies doesn't count)
  8. Why can't you dump out water from a bottle, especially if it's drugged? My sister just encountered this actually, she had drugged water but she was by a water pump.
  9. Aside from Tab and clicking the icons at the top of the inventory/map/journal/crafting screen, is there a faster way to toggle between inventory/map/journal/crafting? Like maybe the 1-4 keys or somehting similar?
  10. I don't think that it would be necessary to warn the player about being woken up, as a reappearing theme in the game is learning through experience., but I would definitely agree that combat would need thought. Maybe the player could be woken up a few seconds before the NPC finds them, as if they heard a noise or something similar?
  11. Also, after the hotfix, if you drag two 2x1 items on top of each other in the inventory screen but on the ground secrin, there is a crash.
  12. I'm also having a crash after I fill a water bottle after loading a save, specifically from a tap. Is this fixed in the hotfix?
  13. I have to agree with @Frost , the addition of tiredness really changed my playing for the worse. Since you can't sleep anywhere except shelters, I've found myself needlessly crossing bridges three or four times just to sleep. It would help if you could sleep on couches, beds, etc. in houses or shops. This could create the risk of being woken up by an armed, angry Wellie/Wastrel in the middle of the night. In my opinion that would improve the tiredness mechanic a lot.
  14. I'm having issues when I save (and return to menu or quit) while inside the pawn shop scenario. Upon restarting, the visuals are messed up. Once (saving and returning before the october update) the scene was more illuminated. After the update, upon saving and continuing it was too dark to navigate (darker than before the save). I couldn't find this issue on the forums, I'm not sure if it has been reported or not.
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