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  1. Some amazing updates. I could talk about how much I like so many points above, but that doesn't help too much.


    Something I am concerned about is the insane FPS drop during the night cycle with the new lighting. I'm running some pretty serious hardware and am dipped into the teens once. In due time though, I'm sure you already know this haha. ( looks like a tripleA game at night now tho)


    Also, maybe this is just the filthy casual gamer coming out of me, but I thought it was already pretty hard - the addition to sleep is really killing me. I got to a point where I could for the most part balance my meters, but now sleeping just dips on them so hard again. D:

  2. I understand that once youre in the inner cities you need your joy to be up for the others around you to not be hostile. Some questions I've been wondering though is what makes it go up and down and how much of the bar should be filled to be considered safe? I understand that a lot of pills and consumables (especially water and the booths) raise it greatly and that it lowers slowly over time. My big problem is that my bar will literally drop to nothing out of no where and it has nothing to do with those glowy yellow particle wave things. I'll be just running around outside with full joy and, BAM!, zero joy and everyone kills me and its over.


    Does anyone know why this happens or can answer how much joy is needed to pass the hostility threshold of citizens and/or guards. I'm just sick of having to start over because I cant balance joy with knowledge.



  3. Ya, I'm having troubles getting much better than rotten food for food or sticks for weapons. By the time I loot 20 things and get one item worth anything Im like starving to death again. I thought once I got farther and an dlooted greater things/areas it would get better, but I got a carrot and a can or something. Getting kinda old lol.

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