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  1. This is the first version I got around to installing and playing - it has been lots of fun. Three observations 1. Low detail is unplayable in the bunker you start off in. Because the lighting doesn't seem to be there at all, you cannot see objects at all until you turn the detail up. Low detail just about works on my Windows laptop - so when I've played it there, I've had to switch between higher detail to start off with, then lower once exited via the ladder. 2. Please do a Mac build sooner rather than later so I can use my MacBook. It's probably going to be easier for you in the long run if you get a multi-platform build going when you don't have so many assets and so much code floating around to fix... honest If it doesn't work as well, it's pre-alpha - it's not as if it has any warranty on it anyway! 3. One time I equipped a briefcase thing while still part of the locker menu in the bunker (via double click) and it just seemed to disappear completely. Not in the locker, in the room or in my hands. Cheers, Paul
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