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  1. The Crier seems more alert than I had previously thought and all other Wellies including Bobbies seem to basically ignore me, unless I do something overtly suspicious. I can walk down the street past all Wellies other than the Crier, and I rarely have to even speak to them to defuse the situation. In contrast the Crier can announce that I am a downer whilst I am inside a building, and the Crier is outside. Additionally when a Wellie catches me in their home, unless I am looting , they will just get suspicious until I leave, but the suspicion meter stops halfway, until I defuse the situation by speaking to them, and then immediately rises again. I can just defuse the situation a few times and leave. Wouldn't they sound the alarm if someone was in their home uninvited? On one occasion I consumed joy from a phone box, and it had no effect. I had to take it again before it would work. I have experienced a number of crashes, but the crash reporter now works for me, after I had updated my Nvidia driver to the latest version. I have sent the reports using the reporter. When moving from the Wastrel area to the Wellie area, the greetings change before the door that the Bobbies are guarding, from Wastrel greetings e.g. "it's a tale told by a madman full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." to Wellie greetings e.g. "Lovely day for it". Shouldn't this happen after you have moved into the Wellie area? Thanks I'll keep playing and posting feedback on this forum.
  2. You're welcome, glad the video has been helpful Yeah played a bit more today, the Crier is definitely very suspicious and dangerous, nearly ended my playthrough on multiple occasions. Pretty much as soon as I had managed to defuse the situation, she was getting suspicious again. Thanks I don't get the option to submit the crash report, but an update that I missed became available for my GPU driver on the 22nd. Just applied it now, so I'll have a look and see what happens the next time it crashes. The game is up to date, my Steam updates are set to automatic. I can post the event viewer log for the crashes if that would help. Thanks, on watching the video again, I can see that more clearly than I could at the time. You're welcome for the video and the shout out, thank you for making such a cool game
  3. @Otherbuttons Yes I'd agree Facebook is like a false snapshot of the best parts of people's lives. Fake friends, holiday photos, nights out. All the good things and happy occasions, but none of the bad. Really just an effort to present the image people want others to see, not a reflection of reality, just a sanitized, idealized version of life. Like Alex says, denial. And you can't blame them for not being open to, lets be honest relative strangers on Facebook, and of course Facebook themselves who store the data and share it widely, with other corporations/governments. However the lack of privacy and control over the data you generate is a debate for another day
  4. @Alex Thanks for your reply, so more of a modern social commentary, where those who are outspoken, cynical and more focused on more serious issues, are ostracized by those who are distracted by more modern entertainment - XFactor, Reality TV , celebrity gossip, sport, social media etc.?
  5. @Sam I've posted the video of the bugs I've found in WHF to my YouTube Channel. Hope this helps you fix the bugs.
  6. Having recently read Nineteen-Eighty Four, I can't help but feel that it and other dystopian classics have influenced We Happy Few. With that in mind, I was wondering what the purpose of the society depicted in WHF is. (Spoilers for Nineteen-Eighty Four to follow) The main purpose for the party in 1984 is to make the expression of heretical opinions or thought-crime impossible, by creating and continuously developing the language newspeak, until the words required for thought-crime are no longer in existence. They also want to spy on party members and they demand conformity to their ideology. Their stated purpose was power for powers sake, they wanted to guarantee that they could rule forever. They realised that being at war continuously would unite the people of Oceania, hence War is Peace, that being outside of the party renders the individual powerless, and that being a member of the party provides power and in a way immortality by being a part of something that will fulfill its goal long after the death of the individual - Freedom is Slavery, also reversible Slavery is Freedom. And finally Ignorance is Strength, the idea that the ignorance of the proletariat, guarantees strength for the party. Winston Smith is a party member who works in the Ministry of Truth, rewriting history to suit the needs of the party, and attempts to rebel against the party. He eventually begins a relationship with fellow party member Julia and attempts to join the Brotherhood, a mysterious organisation supposedly run by Emmanuel Goldstein. Eventually Winston and Julia are caught and tortured until they betray each other by asking for the torture to be transferred to the other person. Winston eventually loves Big Brother. This gpt me thinking about WHF, and the motivations of the ruling caste. As citizens appear to want to be continuously happy and are angry at those who refuse to comply, it appears to me to be a form of brainwashing , similar to the ignorance of the proles and some party members in 1984. I am curious to know the motives of Uncle Jack and other possibly unseen leaders, and whether they really take the joy that they force the citizens of Wellington Wells to take. For example rewriting history in 1984, prevented people from comparing their situation to the past, so there was no way to work out whether things were better before or now or prove when the party told lies. This is similar to taking the joy to make the Wellies forget bad things that happen to them. But the party members employed doublethink to allow them to hold two opposing viewpoints at the same time. Also thought police, other party members and the children in the spies in 1984 used to denounce heretics to the party. This has a similarity with the Wellies reporting downers. Of course I remember Sam from Compulsion Games saying that Brave New World had more of an impact on WHF, I am yet to read that but it's next on my list. I'm currently reading Darkness at Noon. What does everyone else think?
  7. @Sam Great, thanks. I'll get them posted as soon as I can. No worries, just hope they are helpful Another weird event happened when I was playing, a wastrel just attacked me unprovoked with no indication or warning that I was detected as a downer. I killed the wastrel but no other wastrels reacted, and things just carried on as normal afterwards. There weren't many around, but I thought at least one would have seen it. I have video of this too.
  8. @Sam You're welcome. Thanks for your response. I actually have video of both occasions when I got stuck, I'll edit them and post them here ASAP. Is a YouTube link permitted in the forum? Thank you I understand that the game is pre-alpha, just glad to help where I can looking forward to seeing what you have done with suspicion indicator, night time play and combat and suspicion. Thanks for information on Wastrels, that helps me understand that better - I was confused by that.
  9. I think the effects of joy need tweaking, this is based on only a few relatively short playthroughs ( I only received the game on Monday), so correct me if I'm wrong about any of the mechanics. My idea is that instead of being given impunity for suspicious actions when under the influence of joy, suspicious actions shouldn't be possible. My reasoning for this is that if the only difference between downers and wellies is whether they consume joy or not, and the aim of the wellies is to force downers to consume joy, then surely when a downer consumes joy - his thoughts and personality change, therefore removing his desire to break the rules. As such whilst under the influence of joy, the player should be prevented from running, stealing food or other items, killing, crafting, equipping weapons and consuming prohibited substances (such as purified water). Also waving and talking to other wellies should be automatic whilst under the influence of joy. For these effects I mean a full dose, such as entering a phone booth, as it strikes me that the authorities want people to take joy to guarantee conformity. Another forum member suggested a multiplayer mode, I think a good idea (if the mode was implemented) would be to assign human players to either the downers or wellies team, but not mark team names - so you only know which side you're on, the objective (possibly escaping for downers, and detecting downers for wellies) could be made easier by collaboration - but no one knows who their allies are, so part of the fun would be attempting to work out who to trust in order to share the task. A question I do have, is do those in charge of Wellington Wells take the joy that they force on their citizens? I know that's a cynical outlook and a question you may not be able to answer right now because of plot spoilers, just wondering what their motivations may be (such as guaranteeing conformity, quelling unrest and dissent etc.)
  10. I'll preface this by saying that I am enjoying the game very much. With that said , there were two occasions where the main character got stuck in the scenery and was unable to move, even deliberately provoking wastrels/wellies would not free the character, the only solution was to quit and reload the save. Additionally there are some wellies who seem to be able to detect me extremely quickly. I appear to be successfully blending in, and then with little to no warning or opportunity to defuse the situation , one wellie shouts downer and alerts all the others of my presence. This occurs when I am obeying all rules and actively blending in. Also the moniors that display the Uncle Jack TV shows were all switched off in one playthrough, though if I recall correctly, I could still hear his voice. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but the suspicion indicator in the top left is confusing, it seems that it changes state when you perform a suspicious action, not when you are actually detected. This confused me as I began to flee the scene of a theft, or killing of a wellie or wastrel, as I thought I had been detected. I then ended up alerting suspicion by running through the streets, and promptly received a "jolly good thrashing". One more comment and a question to close; after playing on one of the rides, a yellow grid appeared over one of the wellies and remained there ever since. And the question is: When travelling from the wastelands to the main area, when the map is seperated by the door, not the joy detector or the police guard. The wellies and the police shout downer at other wastrels that come through the door with you and proceed to beat them, before they beat the main character. This is confusing as both the wastrels and the wellies, call you a downer, implying that both groups are taking joy. As that is the case, why do the wellies treat the wastrels as if they are downers? Or is it simply that there are other downers amongst the wastrels apart from the player character? I hope this doesn't make me sound like too much of a downer, as I am greatly enjoying playing, and I am impressed with the quality of the game, especially considering the fact that it is pre-alpha. Thank you for making great innovative titles, and I look forward to seeing what changes and improvements you make towards the final release.
  11. Definitely will leave some feedback, just formulating my initial thoughts now
  12. Hello Thank you, downloaded WHF from Steam earlier this evening and I'm really enjoying it.
  13. I've pledged on backerkit for the shadow tier, I've received the Contrast Steam Key, but the WHF Alpha Key says pending. The pledge amount and pledge level are $0, when I have paid $70 - don't know if I've been charged yet, so I guess it could be that. Please could someone look into this? Thanks
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