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  1. @darcphaze, Yeah I too lost my linens(there's 3 in bathroom closet) after being spotted before finding source of strangeness. Returning to location they are gone, they're not in safe house inventory either. So can Johnny Bolton quest not be completed then if spotted in mystery house?
  2. hey, so i've had three play throughs cut short because of plague. each time somewhere different. it just sucks that there is no cure. the idea of survival exploration is cool and is fun to manage. but when side quests, which make you feel like you're exploring further the world, just cause you to inevitably interact with plagued individuals that ultimately and randomlykill you, you are turned off so quick from the game altogether. dont get me wrong, every play through has lead new places and progressed easier, but it just feels like a countdown to contracting plague. for example, the power station has you jump through hoops of picking locks, building repair kits, and maneuvering through fences combatting squatters to reward you with plague? like wtf! why? is there a cure i don't know about? a gas mask to wear while you clean dirty ponds or explore new areas? this game is great and gets better every time, but its plague mechanic ultimately derails the sense of adventure. i don't know if i'd remove it or offer some elaborate recipe cure. has anyone else experienced/overcome similar issues?
  3. by 'holiday season' you're referring to mardi gras which is next month, yeah?
  4. http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/comment/2403/#Comment_2403
  5. @sam, awesome and thanks, i'd love to contribute my help/play the game early. the gigantic community is getting my feet wet with beta testing, and lucigen's twitch stream got me even more hyped for we happy few.
  6. Are yal testing onxb1? how to get access before preview program?
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