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  1. With Uncle Jack and Joy: Assuming he exists at all, I'd imagine he actually does take some amount of Joy, since there doesn't seem to be a foolproof way to fake Joyfulness (and IIRC he also cries at dolls in a way that's similar to a person being snapped out of Joy-trance). It's possible he takes a lower dosage than most wellies, however. He seems to be a bit more 'with-it' than other wellies, but that might just be the fact that he has an actor, and isn't animated. It also makes sense that, whoever does run Wellington Welles would actually use Joy less or not at all. After all, Joy impairs judgement, so it'd be very wise for their society to keep a few "Designated Drivers" around. Alternatively, another explanation for him knowing so much about the past is that he's allowed to. After all, most wellies are encouraged (and 'encouraged') to forget everything about the past. Uncle Jack, however, probably has WW's version of a top secret clearance and is allowed (and perhaps encouraged) to know anything he wants to.
  2. @Naila: With #1, I was trying to figure out exactly why. However, after thinking about it for a while, I realized it. If you do put on a Bobby Uniform, there should be at least one NPC who declares "Aren't you a little short to be a Bobby?" Theory: Bobbies are genetically enhanced/bred to be freakishly tall, perhaps as part of a super soldier program. Alternative Theory: They just recruit from the official Wellington Wells Basketball/Football/Rugby teams.
  3. Do you have any plans for mod support? The game looks like it would benefit from it.
  4. So, I've been playing your game lately, so here's some random ideas I had: #1: What if there was a wearable Bobby Uniform? I think such an outfit would provide conformity (for Wellies) as well as some protection. #2: So, you essentially have three tactical styles (stealth, conformity, and combat) and three types of "special" wellies designed to counter one those strategies (old lady, doctor, and bobby respectively). May I suggest, perhaps including wellie "classes" (to use an RPG term) that are hybrids of sorts? For example: a nurse wellie that's harder to sneak past and harder to trick than normal wellies, but might be physically weaker than a normal wellie. Another idea I had was a detective wellie that's like a Bobby but also has some counter-stealth or counter-conformity abilities as well. #3: Maybe have the Main Story branch out according to different playstyles? For example, if you're a stealthy player you might have a bunch of missions revolving around stealing parts to build a boat off of the island. Or if you're a conformist player story quests might open up that involve infiltrating the Wellie government, either getting inside to escape or reforming/overthrowing it from within (an ending where you become part of Wellington Well's leadership could be hilarious).
  5. I don't think there's a time limit yet, but that's actually kind of a good idea. Hey, Compulsion? May I suggest an optional time limit?
  6. My thoughts: Personally, I think militarized "Elite Baddies" is a good idea. It makes sense that the ruling part of Wellington Wells would have a paramilitary state security force in the event of a serious crisis. It also think it'd work thematically: yes, there's the normal police to deal with normal problems, but eventually you stop being a normal problem. Also, I wonder if some wellies aren't used as drugged-up soldiers of some sort overseas-a soldier that doesn't feel fear or remorse could be quite useful. Perhaps that's the Very Bad Thing? Selling children to be used as drugged-up soldiers for the German war machine? However, as you point out they don't look that intimidating, and if they were going my proposed "elite baddies" route they'd probably want them to be scarier looking. I'd suggest black and red uniforms, personally (perhaps Germanic-looking).
  7. I mean, aside from "often". Joy pills come in multiple flavors, implying that they're chewed. However, a joy pill resembles a capsule pill-which implies that they're swallowed whole. I suppose they could be an odd chewable type of capsule or a normal chewable-type pill that simply resembles a capsule pill. Alternatively, it could be a regular capsule coated in some sort of flavoring (not meant to be chewed but still flavored).
  8. In the "Escape" quest I managed to get a fancy suit and the Bobby asked my character if he remembers who won Simon says last time. I fail to answer that question, and he guesses correctly that I'm a Downer Bastard. I manage to get my hands on a Joy Pill, though, and I take it. I then walk over to the Bobby and try again, this time Joyed up. However, the same dialogue goes on as before. From a narrative perspective, this doesn't make much sense-I'm clearly taking my Joy and also wearing a fancy suit. In addition, Joy is a drug that causes forgetfulness. Ergo, he has no reason to suspect I'm a downer.
  9. The "V" stands for "Very delicious". In case you're wondering, it's said it tastes like pork, which is also what people taste like.
  10. May I suggest using a Captcha code of some sort?
  11. They're coming to assimilate us all! The end is nigh! Someone please hire an android in blue armor to get rid of them, please.
  12. @GutsytheCoward: The Bobbies are Wellies in charge of enforcing Wellie law-in practice, mostly keeping people on Joy. They likely have access to some sort of combat training other Wellies do not, and are more deadly for it. From a gameplay perspective, their purpose is to encourage strategies other than violence. In general, I think special wellies are designed primarily to encourage a player to vary their strategies by discouraging one strategy (Old Ladies make stealth difficult, Docs make pretending to be on Joy difficult, Bobbies make fighting difficult). I do believe they take Joy. I haven't tested this myself, but I think Joy-detectors give them the clear.
  13. I'm thinking that Uncle Jack isn't real, based on a few pieces of evidence. He's played by a human actor, which makes it unlikely that we'll run into a computer model of him in-game. On the other hand, we'll probably run into him eventually, so it'll probably be that we run up to his layer and find out he was a computer-generated image the whole time! Or, as FromTheWoods points out, he might be dead.
  14. @FaradaysKeeper: They don't seem to be able to grow any any domesticated animals thanks to a particular Nazi invasion and/or the fog. Uncle Jack also mentions that fish are extremely rare. Having said that, they presumably do have crops somewhere since humans are not a sustainable food source by a long shot. It's possible, though, they eat each other simply to supplement their diet and the alternative is letting all that yummy meat go to waste. Plot Twist: all dead bodies are cremated, and V-Meat is actually Tofu!!
  15. So, at the start of the game, you have to choose whether or not to take the joy pill. If you choose "yes" the game ends with the player character having never become a rotten Downer. Here's an idea: you could make it so taking the Joy Pill kickstarts Wellie mode.
  16. Alright, I got a theory here: Uncle Jack either doesn't actually exist, or is an AI of some sort (the former is much more likely). My evidence goes: 1. Uncle Jack is played by a real-life actor. This means either: a) They'll use clever tricks to make it so we never run into Uncle Jack in-person, or at least not without him being behind glass or a TV screen. Given his importance to the story, it would be unusual to never encounter him in person or interact with him. b) They'll use a CGI model when we encounter him. Not impossible, but it'd be odd to have a character in both live-action and CGI. c) He doesn't exist as we know him. 2. Jack is kind of a renaissance man. He does cooking shows, propaganda, Q&A, medical advice, bedtime story reading, and probably runs the government on the side. That's quite a portfolio. Now, while it's not impossible for someone to be that versatile, this could imply that there's actually multiple people behind him and he doesn't truly run things. For example, if he's an actor in-universe reading from a script or a computer generated image. 3. The ruling party of Wellington Welles would have means and will to do so. Other dystopias have had dictators who turned out to be completely fake (for example, this is implied in 1984). The party would benefit greatly from having the populace unite around a cult of personality based around a figure who embodies the will of the state. By having this figure just be a sock-puppet, this means they can control the state as they please. So, just a theory. While I think this is pretty likely, it's entirely possible that I'm completely wrong and don't know Jack.
  17. So, I just wanted to let you know, I was sitting in a bench reading the lovely wellington papers, when some bloody downer sat on me! (Oh, and by the way, your game is amazing)
  18. So, I seem to be running into a problem. As you know, upon starting the game, the hatch to get out is jammed. As such, I have to find 3 metal bits in order to construct a Jimmy Bar to pry my way out and begin my journey. Unfortunately, while I can find 2 metal bits, I can't find a third one. Anyone know where their location is? On a tangeant, I bet this was put in to make sure the player understands crafting. Smart move!
  19. I assumed it wasn't a "hard rule" so much as a "social convention" (could be wrong about that), though It makes sense that the protagonist would wear a mask, too. Pretending to be a wellie would probably require smiling a lot, after all, and the mask helps with that. Can you imagine how much everyone's cheeks must hurt?
  20. Presumably the strange meat is soylens veridians simply because "mysterious cheap food source used to feed starving people living in a sci-fi dystopia" almost always turns out to be people. On the other hand, it turning out to be camel, walrus, or elephant would be hilarious.
  21. @Maze: Wait, there's a Wellington Wells maze? For Downers?
  22. I was kind of joking about the Uncle Jack thing-it would be a rather cliche plot twist. A better plot twist might be: Turns out, the world you see when you're on joy is actually the real world and the world you see when you're off joy is actually a chronic hallucination that Joy is used to treat. Though, this would also be a pretty predictable twist.
  23. I like Maxfang's theory. Mind you, it seems that the Wellies are voluntarily taking joy rather than involuntarily. Perhaps Wellington Welles is a place relatively free of Nazi influence as a result of selling out the rest of the UK? Either way, it'd be kind of cool to have something like Nazi soldiers be late-game elite baddies (like if this society started to collapse due to the player's actions and the Nazis decided to move in). Though, I highly doubt that'll happen since the game's premise would go very off-the-rails at that point, and a flood of powerful enemies that don't care if you're on Joy or not would radically change the gameplay. This change could be cool, but it'd be kind of crazy and might risk rendering learned player skills a bit obsolete. I do wonder what the soldier wellies are for, though. Perhaps they go under martial law at some point to stop the player? Or some kind of outside threat moving in?
  24. IIRC, the mask of the actor playing Uncle Jack is "painted on latex". If I had to guess, in-universe the masks could be made out of a very thin material that can artificially contract and retract like muscles, in case any wellies forgets to smile. You wouldn't want someone polluting such a nice city with frowns, right?
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