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  1. Hi I got the game and when I put the resolution to 1280x1024 my pc's highest resolution, Parts of the screen like health bar and other stuff left the screen and part was visible. Please fix this issue
  2. @Guillaume Im sorry if I hurt her feelings, I got so happy I wrote without thinking. Sorry @Camille hope you still keep the game running! lol
  3. Hi Sir, I actually fixed the launch issue, I was missing a few programs so I downloaded them from Microsoft. It launches perfectly but when I click on New Game it freezes and crashes on the "FinalizeRoads" part.
  4. Hi I just purchased the game and got the code for the pre-alpha, I put it in and downloaded it. It doesn't launch! I don't know what to do I have 8GB Ram and windows 7.
  5. I download it on steam but when i click on it to launch nothing happens?
  6. I bought he game yesterday and wanted to kow when i will get the pre alpha code?
  7. Hi, I paid $60.00 yesterday for the pre-alpha kit and today when I went to my email, it said my card was declined! I just got the card yesterday and put $70.00 in there!!!
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