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  1. @Camille, Thank you again for your quick response to my post. I apologize for the confusion I may have caused regarding the classic mode and for repeating questions mentioned previously in other posts. I misread the description on the Kickstarter page regarding the classic mode that I suggested. I was referring to having some of the game mechanics (such as having three areas) of the current version of the Pre-Alpha in the final game and this can be done through the options of the sandbox mode. Furthermore, I’m glad the recommendation of the crafting menu assisted in the creation of the restriction. If you can keep this post and the other post I posted regarding the bugs open, I’ll update these opinions and bugs in January. Thanks again for creating a great game! CONNCASEY
  2. Hello Compulsion Games, As of now I have about 21 hours on We Happy Few and thank you very much for the continuous updates on We Happy Few. I only have a few bugs that I have found while playing We Happy Few that I would like to share below. Please note I realize this game is still in Pre-Alpha and I am attempting to support the game and hope this game becomes very successful. Please also note this may include spoilers. - There is a bug in the house with the two fuses where the door that requires these two fuses closes after a save is reloaded. - NPCs are sometimes unable to open and go through unlocked doors. - NPCs dead bodies stand up after reloading a save. - NPCs heads and arms appear through closed doors. - Power Cells Reappear in the Power Cell holder (powering their security system) in homes after reloading a save. - NPCs sometimes do not move in the middle of street and are not affected by the player or other npcs. - Buildings that cannot be entered sometimes appear inside other buildings that can be entered causing the player to not be able to walk up the stairs. Trees also appear inside other buildings. - Doors in some buildings (sometimes) and trees in the first district (always) can be walked through as if they were not there. - Sometimes unable to open closed doors and instead gives the option to close the door after reloading a save. - After “beating the game” saves do not reset. I hope this list assisted in the creation of “We Happy Few” and helps establish a more stable game. If any of these bugs seem confusing I will attempt to clarify them in the comment section below. Thanks again, CONNCASEY
  3. Hello Compulsion Games, As of now I have about 21 hours on We Happy Few and thank you very much for the continuous updates on We Happy Few. I realize this may be early for recommendations for your game, however most likely I will not have the chance to post on this forum until next January. I only have a few recommendations (may include spoilers), but I wanted to include them on this forum to see the opinions of yourself and others who have played this game. Please also note I attempted to include recommendations I thought was not mentioned previously and had a large impact on game play, mechanics, and immersion. - Confusion about sleeping in the sewers in game – Would you mind explaining this concept as I am wondering how this will be incorporated in the game. Do you plan on having players sleep in these beds to restore a new mechanic “fatigue” (As of now the game does not have this mechanic) or to replenish health or as a save point later on? - Recommendation of Saving – To improve the immersion of the game one recommendation is to have the player save in the sewer system instead of saving wherever. As well, naturally, once the player dies or “beats the game” then the save point would be reset. - Recommendation of Crafting Menu – In order to improve the immersion of the game another recommendation is to have time continue while in the crafting menu. An example how this reduces immersion is while in battle against five policemen with a thick suit I could potentially take three med kits in battle and defeat all of them. - Element of Stealth – Perhaps there should be greater emphasis on stealth such as pick-pocketing so the game can be beaten for those who wish not to harm anyone. This is because the game requires a security key-card that is only found on policemen (Hopefully a developer can confirm this). - Recommendation of Steam Early Access – In order to improve the overall rating of the game this game should only be released on steam early access as a last method of funding because of the stigma surrounding early access survival games on steam. - Recommendation of Biomes – As of now in We Happy Few there are three biomes. A recommendation that I have is to have a balanced amount of items, weapons and scenarios in each biome to allow the player to spend an equal amount of time in each biome gathering the resources required to escape. An additionally opinion is the biomes should not all be north of each other to increase chances of the game being replayed for longer duration of time. - Multiplayer Element – This is more of a question for the developers if they have plans of adding multiplayer in the game at any future time? - A Classic Mode in the Final Version – This is for those who have heavily enjoyed playing the pre-alpha and wish to continue to play this type of game later on. This may be the sandbox mode mentioned on the Kickstarter page. If a developer could clarify this it would be appreciated. - Recommendation of the ending – Since this game has one life then when you finish the game or die there could be a screen that appears showing statistics of your progress in the game. Thank you for your time in reading this list. I hope this has assisted Compulsion games in development of their upcoming game “We Happy Few”. If this was unhelpful please advise what could be done differently or if you have ideas of your own please add ideas to this post. Please also note any response is greatly appreciated and these ideas are mine only and I am not endorsing views of anybody other than my own. Thanks again, CONNCASEY
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