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  1. I bought my game on Friday morning and have not yet gotten any response... Canceling until they can respond and explain what I'm supposed to do
  2. So.. Did I do something wrong? I bought the game early in the morning and no word at all on how to get a code. Would really appreciate some clear directions because I can't find anything at all on the website. Are there instructions somewhere that I'm not seeing?
  3. OK so color me confused.. where do I go on Backerkit to find my code? Edit: I was never prompted to create a Backerkit account (if I was, it was sneaky, and it won't let me sign in on the Backerkit website). Are there detailed instructions somewhere on the site that I am missing on how to recover my code? I see that they won't be emailing it, but I don't see instructions on where to find it.
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