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  1. Yeah, swapping outfits cause crashes, any outfit. EDIT: just saw Camille's reply. Ok, then great!
  2. Everything works again! Thanks a lot. That is incredible support. I'm happy it was such a simple bug. At least it didn't too much of your time!
  3. Very interesting response. You just mentionned something about the safe containing more items than it should... Actually, I have an idea of what may trigger it. I noticed some strange behavior with inventory before it happened in my last game, a ''metal bits'' item that showed up in crafting but not in any inventory I could find. Let me check that out right now... I'll keep a backup of the savegame and send it to you ASAP. P.S. my computer is not named Animus. I'll send you my computer names along with the save files.
  4. Hello to my fellow Montrealers at Compulsion! I have been playing quite a lot of WHF since I got access to the alpha. Pretty hard game, especially with the latest update, but always interesting and fun to play. In any case, I have encountered a major game-breaking bug on different hardware configs. I have sent all the reports when asked and detailed what I was doing. Here it is: When the bug is triggered, attempting to transfer any item in any container except the personal safe cause an immediate crash. The bug is lasting, and when triggered, continues even after reloading the save, basically corrupting it. There are other bugs which appear to be correlated with this one. Put simply: - The bug is triggered by an unknown event, and persist in the savegame. - The bug causes the game to crash when attempting to transfer an item from the inventory to a container inside the safehouse, with the exception of the personal safe, which work fine. - The bug causes the game to crash randomly when crafting high-level items, like the multi-tool or hammerpipe. - The bug causes the game to crash when attempting to access the inventory of any container outside of the safehouse. - When triggered, the bug causes images on TVs to not show up. Audio is working fine but all I see when I turn on the TV is ''illuminated black''. Even the motorized TVs are affected. I use this effect to see check if the bug is triggered. I have tested this bug on over 6 games on 2 different computers. One is a desktop with an AMD 290 4GB, i7 4790K and 16GB RAM, and the other a laptop with Nvidia 965M 2GB, i7 4720HQ and 12GB RAM. The bug was always triggered sooner or later, but it seems to correlate roughly to finding the broken multi-tool in the closed shop, or saving the game and returning to the main menu. I don't know exactly, but it always hit me when I start to be able to craft the cooler stuff. Thank you to the devs! Lovely day for it!
  5. Alright, got it! Just a heads up for other people: you don't get an email when they update your Backerkit account with the new code! You have to check it to see if you received it. By the way, if a pack of Tim Hortons donuts appear at your Montreal location, it will be my fault. Don't worry, they're not laced with Joy!
  6. Hello! I just bought the Shadow tier yesterday. My pledge was locked earlier today, I got a code, but I only got Contrast when activating on Steam. Am I missing something? Thanks!
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