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  1. Sorry to bug you guys, but I still haven't received my game code for We Happy Few. Does it take a few days for it to show up, or are there still no game codes left? EDIT: Nevermind, I did get it (I just didn't notice)! Sorry ><
  2. @Naila Oh, okay thank you! So it'll just appear in my inbox whenever they're sent out? (And please don't worry about it being an inconvenience! It's giving me a chance to play Contrast, which is a wonderful game that I'm really loving!) Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, btw!
  3. @Naila I still haven't received it, unfortunately. But since it hasn't been a full 24hrs, could that be why?
  4. How quickly will we get our keys to start playing after placing our orders? (Also, since I bought the Contrast game, how will I get it? I'm really excited to play both games!) EDIt: Nevermind about the contrast part! I received it!
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