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  1. Thank you for the detailed and quick response! I'm really excited that my comments are getting heard! 1. I was referring to the walk button. It seems wellies are less likely to become suspicious of you while walking, so this is generally my preferred method of movement. Having it togglable would make a big difference in ease of movement. 2. Glad to hear it. I hope the next update works smoothly! 3. My only pet peeve is the roads. A lot of the roads are slightly above ground, and thus require jumping to access. This makes non-suspicious wellies suspicious, and if you're already being chased, jumping takes long enough to result in quick death. 4. My only specific issues was a system that combines being frail with permadeath, as it means a solid game can be lost in an instant. However, I'm guessing this will change as the game does.
  2. I finally got the chance to type in my pre-alpha code and load up the game, and I am THRILLED with where it's at. That being said, I had a few difficulties with the game thus far that I'm not sure if I can chalk up to me being new/bad at it. They are as follows: 1. Having the "walk" button need to be held instead of toggled on/off. For detection reasons, I walk A LOT. And my pinky finger hurts A LOT. While holding a button to sprint seems fluid, the walk vs. normal speed seems togglable. 2. The number of NPCS. This may be intentional, but seeing 10 NPCs all standing on top of each other everywhere you go is kind of...odd. And creepy. I wish they were more sparsely placed, or at least with some empty areas where you can rest and prepare without someone freaking out about you standing still. 3. Getting stuck on objects. I often met my demise stuck on something invisible on the ground. Or furniture. 4. Combat Situations I know this balance can be difficult to perfect, and I've seen others suggests a difficulty option setting, but I found that while at a solid place in the game, with plenty of food, water, and medicine, a random citizen with a frying pan would suddenly decide they didn't like me and I would be dead before I could even react, due to a combination of iffy hit boxes, slow recoil from hits, and getting stuck on NPCs that surround you, rendering you unable to move/escape. I would recommend either making movement easier or making the player character more durable. Especially if permadeath is the only game mode; it can be heartbreaking to lose your progress because someone was alerted, and before you can react, a horde of NPCs gang bang you to oblivion. I understand the importance of stealth, but oftentimes the wellies become hostile instantaneously, and occasionally for unknowable reasons. Before this sounds like a hating rant post, I want to mention that this game is absolutely beautiful! Every area feels so thoughtfully designed, and I love the attention to detail. I can see that this game is going places. Amazing places. And I'm proud to have backed it. So keep on keeping on, and such. Turnip
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