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  1. Hi there I've been following this game for years since I first heard about i, and have been playing thanks to my buddy buying it. I want to buy it but only have a gift card (From family for my birthday.. Feb 7th) with 20$ on it. I was wondering if there was a chance you could give me some kind of coupon code? If not its fine, but I've been taught that it doesn't hurt to ask.
  2. Hmm that's not really what I was looking for. The post or announcement I was speaking of mentioned the difficulty setting and even had a screenshot of the menu choice. I know I saw it lol and I'd like to post it to ease this persons mind. I don't want to post my comment until I have my proof. Haha (Also if I am wrong about the E3 preview then please tell me. I don't like to provide false facts.)
  3. Somebody delete this... Sorry not used to this forum setup. -__-
  4. So I remember one of the updates saying that there would be at least two difficulty settings. One that had Permadeath and one that did not. Someone I am talking to is wondering about this and I cant seem to find that specific thread that actually says there will be a non permadeath difficulty. Would someone mind linking me to said thread or quote/picture please? Many thanks.
  5. Just beat it and loved it. Lol. Awesome job. I can't wait for the final product, keep up the good work.
  6. "Instead, we're planning on having a special AI type that will act as a "sniffer dog" type character." @Sam , I'm guessing you're nodding at the Doctor enemy? "-Think you’ll pretend you’re on Joy? The Doctor can practically sniff you out."
  7. Hey guys I got my key for the new Rainbow Six Siege beta and they sent me 4 friend keys. I have one left as far as i know (Others may work if my friends didn't use them so feel free to ask), but if anyone would like to try it out just ask. The beta ends tomorrow night so come and get it.
  8. @Wilson , I agree 100%. That would make things much easier. Maybe be able to left click and place different colored markers and then right click again to remove them. (something along those lines) It would also be fantastic if we could have a mini map on our HUD as well.
  9. I don't really mind the killing too much (Dead men tell no tales), but I see your point. Considering we already have the empty syringes It'd be cool if we could craft/cook some kind of tranquilizer to knock people out. Maybe I've been watching too much Dexter, but seems like an effective way to neutralize someone. Lol
  10. Sounds like you stumbled into a kind of no clip mode. When you looked up and started "Flying" did you stop when you let off W? Or did you just keep flying forward?
  11. Could be garden or village I suppose and I know you said in the street but hear me out. I was just think since there's so much ocean around maybe there could be a little group of wellies fishing off in a spot. Maybe they could have a table or cooler set up with some fish (Food source) they've caught and possibly a fillet knife or kitchen knife (Weapon). Just an idea.
  12. @MattyMatt, I shared your same concern until I read @Camille's response. " It is entirely possible to cook console content with lower spec separately from original PC content, which rest assured we plan to do." I think we are gonna be ok.
  13. I know you said "Props" when referring to the pictures including the rifle, but I wanna ask anyway. Do you plan on adding usable guns? I'm not sure how that would impact the game play. I guess if the map was bigger then I could see it plausible with limited ammo (and maybe a lootable suppressor) , but If not please add some more melee weapons. I'm sure you've heard a million times that WHF reminds people of Bioshock so PLEASE!!!! add a decent stat monkey wrench for me to wack some Splicers Wellies with. It is by far my favorite melee weapon in a game.
  14. @marc, You say here "For instance if you play in god mode it won't provide us with very interesting feedback as to the difficulty of the combat system." But using this command helps me to test other things and experiment. I've never been one to be against God mode having used it myself in plenty of games before (Never online MP games!!!! I hate hackers!!). In my opinion.. maybe if possible.. force it to be only used if the player has beaten the game once, Or if you end up having a leader board type function then have an "Offline" Play feature that it is unlocked for. God mode has always been a fun thing to experience and just have a good ol' time with, from Grand theft Auto to Call of Duties Nazi Zombie mode. PS. It is your game though and if you don't want it to be a command people can use in the future I completely understand. Thanks for your hard work and best of luck on the future of WHF.
  15. @Wilson, Just open the full console window by hitting ~ twice. This is the Tilde key and it should be right beneath your Esc key.
  16. Black Ops III Beta, Rust, Dirty Bomb,Dead Space, WHF, Call of Duty: Online, Dead Island: Epidemic, etc. Check my Steam page if you wanna play something. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027556111/
  17. Not sure if there are hidden commands but you can see them all by just opening console and typing A,B,C,D, etc to see all commands starting with each letter. Maybe if I have some spare time later I will post them all. So far the most useful ones I've noticed are -God -UnlockInventory -Travel (Just type in Travel and it will show all the teleport locations.) I haven't really tested this much so sorry if it breaks your game. Use at your own risk! -Quicksave (Not sure if this works.) -AiignorePlayers (Makes the enemies ignore you completely, Put in the same command but with a 0 at the end to make them notice you again. "AiignorePlayers 0")
  18. @Naila Yeah I wish I had a better camera to record it with. She was such a handful, but totally worth it. She is such a great kitty. We love her.
  19. I play ALOT of stuff, ATM I have 157 games on my list. Lmao. I really enjoy FPS games, and survival games such as Rust, H1Z1, etc. I really will play almost anything besides games like World of Warcraft and Dota. Sorry. Here is my profile page.
  20. Not much of a collector, but I do collect bullets/ammunition if that counts. The amount is pretty small atm but it's something. lol From Left to right.. 12 Gauge shell (This is for my Mossberg 500 seen ) , 30-06, 7.62x54r (This is for my 1943 Mosin Nagant seen ), .300, 7.62x39 (AK47 ), .223 , .50 AE (Desert Eagle ) .357 Magnum, 5.7 (P90 SMG ), .38 Special, .40 cal, and finally a .9mm.
  21. Ok I've got a couple of each so sorry if I flood the post, but I loves them all. This is my Siberian Husky Winnie. She is almost 5 years old now and is a pain in my ass. lol Bonus picture of what happens when you have a husky and go outside for a smoke. LMFAO!! Here This is MR. or Mufasa as my gf likes to call him. Here he is next to my size 12 shoe. lmfao This is my baby Abby Cat. Bonus video of Abby as a tiny baby when we thought she was a boy. (Look at how much she changed. lol) Finally a picture of the both cats keeping me warm. They are both about to be 2 in October.
  22. You need to find the broken multi tool, repair it, use that to unlock the hatch, then you need an advanced electro shocker to open the door inside the hatch. Game over. Enjoy.
  23. +1 "Lovely day for it" is nice and all but does get old.
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