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  1. Will you guys be adding the Old Health Bar back as a option from pre-alpha? I kinda like how there was a dark red blockage (infection) preventing me from full recover.
  2. Window flower bed and Union Jack flag randomly floating in the air Filler buildings still clipping through houses Downer detectors not attaching to church Npc not sitting properly (I've seen this alot in the game where they're sitting near the bench but in mid air. I bet you guys already covered this) The jubilator been floating in the air ALOT in this update, it also been clipping through filler buildings I hope you guys will make WHF better when it comes to world generation, curved roads, alley ways, and slight down hills. I wish WG don't have to be like this. Some wellies and welliettes would start clipping through the ground entering the pub You can tell that I'm actually outside of the wardrobe (idk if I was hiding or not), this screenshot was taken in the house with a bunch of old ladies on the 2nd floor. This is still bugged, when I came back for the husband and his sick wife, I wasn't able to talk to him, and his wife was standing The shady dealer clipping through wheelbarrow, but I was still able to buy stuff from him. (kinda) The doctor knocking on something invisible Last image, finally, at this apart of the game, arthur crashed through a whole new area, then I froze. Luckily, I was able to pause, save, and then went back to the main menu, and started back where I was, after arthur's crash scene. There was a room called the "Lube and Suction room" where it crashed at the moment when I climbed over the pipes. I hope these help, I'll try find more.
  3. I somewhat forgot how to, I want to help with these errors in the game that needs to be fix.
  4. Will the other joy pills like chocolate, coconut, and vanilla have different visual effects?
  5. @Iris_Lockspur What makes you say that?, she didn't really say it takes place in america.
  6. Those songs are AMAZING, I love it I love it I LOVE IT!!! <3 It even made my day too, thx compulsion.
  7. Alice madness returns is my game, I love the art, keep it up
  8. That's a REALLY stunning screenshot of the rainbow road, nice capture
  9. I'm literally screaming right now ahhhhhhhhhhh congrats compulsion team.
  10. (- a number of times i was just walking down the street and somehow pulled aggro. I have no idea why) I watched your stream yesterday, and clearly you keep having your fist out, thats why the wellies became aggressive
  11. I wonder if you guys will have patch fixes after the game's release, we happy few been having alot of bugs and crashes.
  12. Tell me what was your favorite video game when you was a kid and why? And what level was your favorite and why? Mines was actually psychonauts, when it release back in 2005. I was 5 years old when I played it on xbox. I just love the vibe, art style, and storyline of the game. It took me awhile to finish the last level of the game, which was extremely hard for platforming, but I managed to finish when I was 7. My favorite level, well actually 2 levels, was black velvetopia and Milla's Dance Party. Black velvetopia has a neon spanish city with the chubby wrestlers and Milla's Dance Party has a 60s and 70s type of level. They both have some nice soundtracks, especially for my favorite soundtrack, "Taking on Black Velvetopia's Worst". I can't wait to see your response.
  13. Yeah, I rather have melee weapons and throw-able objects, guns are far too easy. Besides, I really want to be challenged in this game.
  14. Is that a bobby being disintegrated? 0_0
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