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  1. Of course my first few of them ended rather quickly, but later on I was able to stay alive for quite a few days! The only thing that ended up killing me was the fact that I Forgot which homes I cleared so when I had made one of the electric locks to see if they worked on the safe, i ended up rushing around and was quickly killed, becasue even though I was joy'd up i was being shown as a threat. It'd be much easier if we could put markers on the map, such as to show which house we've cleared. Also, what do the map icons mean? Like I saw an exclamation point but I didn't know if that was an alarm or not.
  2. Ahhh okay. I actually ordered it a bit after, so it was after midnight. I'm just keeping an eye on my bank account, since I gotta make sure I don't accidentally spend too much then get charged for it. But that's just me hahah. Thanks though!
  3. Hey I'm just a bit late to this, but I wanted to ask something about the 60$ tier. If I preorder it now, will I still get access to the pre-alpha gameplay? How long from preordering it will I receive the code? And would it need an address? I mean, I will be moving soon, but since its digital I doubt Ill need one. And it says itll charge after the lockdown date, what does that mean?
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