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  1. Hmm. I can't imagine much with the broken image but lemme ask, does tell you that you have to wait for a lock down date? EDIT: Just checked my backerkit page. Mine looks just as you described yours. You should be all good and just have to wait for manual lockdown from someone from compulsion. I don't really know the hours in which they do lockdowns. I've been waiting since Saturday but it sounds like they do weekdays and some staff were at a conference or something. I'm only going off of what I've heard.
  2. From what I've read searching around the forum, the lockdown date I guess is when the ordered is finalized and you can't cancel it at that point. Lockdown is also when you'll receive an e-mail with your key for steam because your card is charged so the payment is received. The lockdown process is manual and I think they do lockdowns once a day. I'm still waiting for a lockdown on my order from yesterday. It's been just a little hard gauging these processes as I can't find that much on it here, and the posts that I do find are from few weeks ago in July.
  3. I just paid for the shadow tier for the pre-alpha today. After searching the forums it seems like lock down is manual and happens once a day or so. So in the mean time I thought I'd see from the community how the game is. Is the game difficult to go through? I read something about perma death and no saves. Also that it's more of an adult game so I was curious as to overall difficulty. Sounds and looks like a great game so far from what I've read/seen.
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