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  1. You can't perform a stealth takedown on him, he is a boss enemy and can only be fought one to one. You can take him down non-lethally via punching or using a padded weapon, though.
  2. I'm assuming you are doing Ollie's playthrough, and need one to get into a certain house? You can find a Boiler Suit in a shack around the back of Victoria Byng's house.
  3. Have you climbed on top of the cart yet? You need to be standing on it to interact. They will be changing the prompt zone in this next patch, I believe.
  4. You should have received an email from Compulsion on the 9th that gave you a link to BackerKit, where you can get your codes to redeem. Be sure to check the email you backed with.
  5. The set in her house is automatically an Upgraded Chemistry Set, too.
  6. Did you happen to quicktravel to a safehouse from within a poison fog cloud, then remove the mask?
  7. You do know there are multiple difficulty options, right? Only Easy removes food/drink/sleep requirements. But a sandbox mode for more hardcore survival players is in the works and will be available, for free, later on.
  8. Oh nice, it's east to forget things sometimes, glad you remembered though.
  9. Hiya! In order to ensure you get the best possible help in resolving an issue, please be sure to include the following info in your bug reports: Specific details on what you were doing when it happened (To help replicate it) The platform you are playing on (Steam/GOG/Xbox One/PS4/etc) And the current build you are playing (This is found in the bottom right of the main menu/pause screen) (Optional) Images or clips can also be useful, but not always necessary This information will help the team better understand the issue without having to ask too many additional questions, and to help get you back in to the game with a solution as quickly as possible. Thank you for your help in getting these issues corrected, and have a lovely day for it.
  10. Try saving and returning to the menu, then reload from that save. Also provide your platform and game version, please.
  11. As a preemptive measure, can each of you provide the platform and game version? You can find the version in the pause screen. This will help the team better understand how to fix your problem.
  12. It looks like you can just walk around it to the left. And the team was off yesterday, they've been working hard to catch up on the backlog. I'll ping @Pierre for you just in case, though.
  13. @Pierre I actually encountered the same thing. It happened during this quest as well, too. But I think if you quick travel to one of your shelters whilst wearing a gasmask in a toxic fog patch (in my case, I was in the Garden District), and then remove the mask, the effects of the fog are still present and will slowly kill you. I thought putting the mask on and taking it off again fixed it, as Arthur stopped coughing, but after going to wait on a bench for day time I came out in Second Wind. Healed up, but watched my health slowly drain. Saving and reloading fixed the issue. Platform: PC - Steam Build: 1.1.69866 Cheers!
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