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  1. Considering this is my first suggestion post for We Happy Few, the structure I have below will remain constant for any other suggestion I have for the game (if I have any). If many of you dislike the way I type this stuff, I'm sorry:'(, and I really am because I really don't want to make nice people like you all mad at me. Here goes. Name:: More Utility w/ Gathered Notes Description: Notes gathered in We Happy Few are not only there to learn about the history of Wellington Wells or understand how either the Wellies or Downers perceive the game's deranged (or happy-go-lucky) society. Instead, perhaps they can serve a more useful purpose to the game, such as providing clues to a certain quest or unlock certain rewards when all are gathered up. How It Works: Where the notes are used to help people learn about the world of We Happy Few and its crazy nature, the notes can also (possibly) be used to give players clues to alternate objectives they run into as they explore the game's dystopian universe. For example, a player that receives a quest from a quest giver in the game would have to find a certain note, get the information, and relay it back to the quest giver for either a reward or to trigger the next step of the process. Notes used in this way are most effective when there are alternate objectives that involve doors or safes that cannot be hacked, unlocked, or blown up without a certain code or pass-phrase that is written on a note lying somewhere in the world. Why am I suggesting this? Bioshock is an incredible story, FPS, and action game that remains popular today. I understand that We Happy Few is in no ways related to Bioshock, but one thing the game did well was have its Audio Diaries have useful benefits. For example, there would be times the player would run into a door with a pass-code. The player can neither hack the keypad, nor blow the door sky-high with explosives. Instead, the player must find an Audio Diary that has the pass-code recorded, and punch it in in the keypad, unlocking the door. I think having this game element implemented into We Happy Few would make running around searching somewhat more worthwhile instead of just trying to find all junk and parts used to craft stuff, and this element can definitely be used as a requirement quest for the player to escape, and perhaps later on in the game's future development.
  2. I'm pretty much playing Garry's Mod. Such a fun game.
  3. So, I don't know how some people have the Pre-Alpha of We Happy Few. I really want to try its Pre-Alpha, but I don't know where to download it.. or at the very least, get it. Can someone help me with this issue?
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