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  1. I started a new world to give the update a test run, and when I snuck into houses I came across a pattern. Nearly every house had a wellie standing and facing their front door, stuck. Whether they're examining the finely carved hardwood for knots or just simply can't stand to face the day without their joy, it's become popular. I personally don't see the appeal in it myself, but I thought I'd bring this bug to your attention. Clipping still is a bit of an issue with buildings, some third floors have been rendered inaccessible by a neighboring building. Bobbies have become significantly harder to hit, and seem to frequently bob and weave out of danger. This is understandable, but it's a bit irritating when you're close enough to be guaranteed a solid hit. Also, despite wearing a common outfit, wellies will occasionally attack me on sight after I sneak out of combat and blend back in.
  2. My time in Wellington Wells was positively enchanting. I felt myself becoming consumed by the gleeful atmosphere, and I couldn't resist cracking a smile when I heard Uncle Jack tune in every morning and evening. After fully mapping out the islands, stocking my lockers with joyless water, clean food, and medicine, I took time to just simply absorb the atmosphere. Aside from minor building clipping and audio glitches from criers (which are easily solved with a firm whollop with a frying pan), the game was "Smooth as velvet". I've come up with a few theories as to what Victory Meat is made of and settled on it being human. With the abundance of wastrels ripe for the picking and no obvious agricultural sources, it seems all too fitting. I had trouble locating a second fuse for the power relay in the pawn shop yellow exclamation point event however. One final note/suggestion, the joy detoxification happens too suddenly after joy use. It's not my place to say, but wouldn't it be prudent for the joy bar to slowly deplete instead of outright crash, so you can continue taking joy if you so choose? All in all, it was a beautiful experience and I am absolutely thrilled to see the final product.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Enjoy your game!
  4. Open steam, in the top left click on games. Click on "Activate a product on steam" and type the code in there. Also, I ordered WHF Pre-Alpha tier, when did you get your confirmation code? I'm still trying to figure out mine.
  5. @Naila I purchased the package that came with pre-alpha access and Contrast. Where do I go to play the pre-alpha? Also, Contrast is absolutely beautiful. Phenomenal work.
  6. I've just backed WHF with the shadow package and received the code for Contrast, but I did not receive one for the WHF Pre-Alpha. I'm ecstatic to try my hand at the game, but I'm not certain how to obtain the code. Help please?
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